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Mars Project - The Beginning

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At last, Ive found my old map of Mars.


But I don’t know if this is copyrighted or not, so I will ask the original creator when everything is set.

So here is my whole concept of this map/scenario

I will upload a test version of this map which is basically just a map with minimum provinces

Civilizations included:



-Martian Republic(Original vertical flag)


-Martian Republic(Horizontal flag)




-Mars(Fascist) - (will get up with a better flag later)





-Federation of Earth

-(the US, European Mars(EU flag), China, Russia are just in the game so I would not be posting it here)

You could form the Republic of Mars(or any idealogy) when you conquered the whole planet, or you could just simply start as it.

Thank you for viewing.

Updates will be announced HERE.

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I found the owner of this map, who is called "B.G.R. Turner", who also made maps for Venus and Earth as well, which has south korea nuked and underwater but whatever

Not sure how I get the permission though, i mean any person would doubt about a newly-released "unpopular game" asking for your maps... And searching some background info, i doubt she(?) would know what AOC2 is... but lets have hope, shall we?

(a helping hand from many people in this community is greatly appreciated)


The owner's original site: http://eonscomic.kitmyth.net/world/places/terran/mars.htm

Some more background information: this person is the creator of Eon's World, a science-fiction comic loosely based on Sonic the Hedgehog.

About the comic: http://eonscomic.kitmyth.net/about/about.htm

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2 hours ago, Dulmassia said:

A real interesting mod

You can add new civs based on few geological terrains ( valles marineris, Olymp, Pole republic )

Yup. I would look forward for that as well 🙂

The lite(test)version 0.1 would be uploaded after I get the game

It would have large chunks of provinces just for test purposes. I would give you guys a download link after its completion.

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