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Age of Civilizations

Trying to Make a Cool New Map

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    • By JeongHun-Seo
      Korea map Version 0.2
      Incheon,Seoul and Gyeonggi is complete.
      and now beta version is open.
      province name reading
      Si = city
      Gun = county
      Gu = district
      Red Line = State Line
      Pink Line = province Line


    • By gaboemi
      The idea is to make the ck2 map with ALL its provinces and transfer its bookmarks, minimum High Middle Ages (1066)
      I need help with the scenarios, so i will leave the work i have available for download for bug reporting and support
      Provinces done:
      301 / 1994
      Recommended Mods:
      Update Log:
    • By JeongHun-Seo
      Korea map Version 0.1
      Incheon complete.

    • By JeongHun-Seo
      I want android AOC2 add map, but I don't know that.
      If you know, pls help me.
    • By BrakeCoachStudios
      At last, Ive found my old map of Mars.

      But I don’t know if this is copyrighted or not, so I will ask the original creator when everything is set.
      So here is my whole concept of this map/scenario
      I will upload a test version of this map which is basically just a map with minimum provinces
      Civilizations included:

      -Martian Republic(Original vertical flag)

      -Martian Republic(Horizontal flag)


      -Mars(Fascist) - (will get up with a better flag later)


      -Federation of Earth
      -(the US, European Mars(EU flag), China, Russia are just in the game so I would not be posting it here)
      You could form the Republic of Mars(or any idealogy) when you conquered the whole planet, or you could just simply start as it.
      Thank you for viewing.
      Updates will be announced HERE.
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