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Age of Civilizations
  1. Globin4060


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    • By Beter Griffin
      Hey guys, Beter here.
      I would like to say that I'm working on a map based off of the one in Hearts of Iron 4!
      It will feature the two scenarios in the game along with many others that I like to make!
      I expect it to come out within a month but no promises!
      Provinces: probably 10000+ 
      Scenarios planned: 1936, 1939, Modern Day
      Latest progress update:
      I lost the data so I will reset the development
      Check my progress here https://trello.com/b/9c7RLqdF/aocii-hoi4-map

    • By LegAbyss
    • By krauser3ful
      Map based on First War of Scottish Independence.
      Data of the Map.
      List of Civilizations: England-Scotland-France-Lordship of Ireland-Norwegian Empire.
      Year of initiation: 1296
      Events: No
      Creator: Krauser3ful
      Scenario, mega link
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