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Age of Civilizations
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Beter Griffin

Information about the ages of forum members

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1 hour ago, Shiite said:

Nope. Future claims he was born in 01/01/1970. And I know for a fact some people who don't give their age are younger than Chexier. Many mobile peasants are VERY young

I'm not including those ridiculous 130 year olds, just those who I can confirm their age and aren't unrealistically young or old.

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On 1/12/2019 at 5:46 AM, Beter Griffin said:

So, I've collected the data, and out of those willing to give their exact birth date, I am the youngest person on the forums, at 13 years old. Chexier is a few days older than me.

The oldest forum user is Slavic Comrade, he/she is 28 years old.

19 january 2004

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