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Age of Civilizations
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Where are senario files on the game folder

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    • By Chexier
      Global Thermonuclear War

      It's a mod (mainly focused on the scenario) inspired by DEFCON: Everybody Dies. It's a totally fictional scenario, so it's not meant to be realistic.
      Global superpowers have tons of nukes. There are 3 major alliances: North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Indic Ocean Treaty Organization (IOTO) and the Communist International (Comintern). The World is pretty unified and centralized. There is an event at turn 2 which balances the game. There are 2 new civilisations: United States of America, (Flag is the same as modern day US flag, but with 60 stars, since they annexed the 10 Canadian provinces in this scenario) and URSAL (Union of Republiquetas Socialistas of America Latin), which is a fictional country. (Know your meme page).

      Can you overcome your enemies? Or will the Earth die out before you manage to do it?
      Download Link :
      GTWM 0.1 - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1inHTGIV1bGqtjqLpQBWXtV1619Cuvh5W
      To install, copy and replace the folders/files at their proper directory in your game files.
        GTWM 0.1 -
      Added mod Feedback would be appreciated.
    • By Lucas L
      Hi,I accidentaly change the leader of France during the age of revolution,and I added Napoleon Bonaparte III and Louis Philippe suddenly disappeared.
      In the past,when I was doing some maps,I learnt that if you change the born date,the leader change depending on it,and I tried to change the born date of Louis Philippe and it doesn't work.
      Any suggestions?
      (Thank you for your attention and help!)
    • By daboss12
      I created a mod fir aoc2 featuring The Second American Civil War, also with mexico. Enjoy 
    • By Lucas L
      Hi,i did this map of Europe in August of 1939.It's the same map that World War II,but with some little changes:
      -Germany has conquered Austria and Czechoslovakia (Slovakia is a vassal state)
      -Francisco Franco is the leader of Spain
      -Italy has conquered Albania
      -Little changes like Andorra with France and UK in the alliance,the Dodecaneso for Italy and some changes un frontera,like the Hungary-Slovakia frontier.
      I am from Android and I can't share the map with you, but I share some photos of how It looks.If you see something that it's wrong or another thing,tell me in comments.

    • By Strangefancypants
      I cant seem to find a difference between easy difficulty and legendary can someone please explain the difference
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