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Age of Civilizations

Vassal Bug

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My vassals sometimes get into wars that I cannot join, sometimes they even declare the wars themselves. Pretty sure that's not how it is supposed to work. Futher more, if my vassal loses and gets annexed, well that's just too bad for me because now I lost that vassal! And if I go into "Diplomacy -->(the country I'm playing as) --> Vassals" it still states I own that vassal, except I don't earn any tax from it.

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this happened to me also, Albania and Athens were both my vassals, one declared war to each other and finally Albania got annexed to Athens, it was pretty annoying having as a vassal a country that didn´t exist anymore.

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1 hour ago, Cristi20404 said:

I had England as a vassal and I didn't see any request of declaring independence, and they just declared war on me 

That happened to me too.  I was playing as Ottomans in Napeleonic Wars, and created a borderland vassal in my east borders. Than it declared war without any declaration

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Guest atomic chair 45

when i was playing as majapahit my vassal declared war on my alie

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