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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Aleksgol123
      After the assasination of Franz Ferdinand a risk of war beetwen Serbia and Austria was very high. The German ruler Kaiser Wilhelm knowed the risk of war with Russia and maybe even France so in the final he stopped A-H from attacking Serbia, no one would know that this thing would change Europe so much. After death of Francis Joseph I the Charles I was in charge of the empire now. After many riots in the empire he was forced to break the constitution and had to limit the autonomy of Hungary and less in rest of the empire. The uprising in the empire ended in 2 years old war where Hungary, Bohemia and Galicia gained indenpendece, Hungary gived up on Slovakia , Croatia and Bosnia because of the risk of Romanian invasion so they becamed indenpented too. Lets see what new future wil bring to us
      This scenario is What if WW1 never happened so:
      -Galicia-Lodomeria and Croatia are cooperating with austria
      -Bosnia,Serbia and Montenegro created the alliance
      -Czech and slovaks created an alliance
      -Colonies are the same as in 1914 (Egipt is puppet state)
      -Canada, Australia and other dominions have less will for autonomy because of the bloody war never happened so they more depented on UK
      -China is the same as in 1926
      -Totalitarian regimes in Russia, Germany and Italy vever established
      -Russia will face economic crisis because of loans from UK and France
      -Portugal colonies was partitioned by Belgium,UK,Germany and France by treaty from 1913
      -Japan Panasiatism is on rise
      -New content
      -New flags and civilizations
      Update 1:
      -Turkey and Northern Arabia now have more territory
      -New Germany
      -Portugal colonies was partitioned
      Thanks for reading ūüôā (Sorry for my English)


    • By Shiite
      Do you look at the weird scenarios and regular history for AoC2? Do you look at all the brain dead mobile peasants with disgust?  Do you want an Alternate history scenario that's real, that's actually good and detailed? Well this is for YOU!
      SPQR2 features an event tree for Turkey, events relating to cuban dictator fulgencio batista, and the abandonment of Japan, moon nazis, a nuke system new governments, diseases and MUCH more!
      Planned features:
      -nuke events going all the way to 2019
      -reskin the HRE into the Blackshirt league
      -flavor for most countries
      SPQR2 Alpha 0.03 Beta 1
      Recommended nations:
      Turkey- the only nation with an event tree, and the most fleshed out nation at this point 
      (some suggestions for Turkey. BUILD A PORT ON TURN ONE. Do NOT occupy any soviet land, send your armies south or disband them)
      Italy- They're the main characters in the book, so it's appropriate 
      Murica'- They have nukes. Nuff' said
      Luxembourg- If you want the ULTIMATE AoC2 challenge, play them........
      (music is too big to be attached to main mod, if your pc doesn't have enough space for it, you do not have to download it, but it is HIGHLY recommended) 
    • By PApaSpitler
      Sooo I have been working on an Alternative ww1 Outcome Scenario in wich WW1 endet in stalemate and the Empires have been very unstable and even Collabsing 
            |           About 30 Events witch i have to translate first into english (from German)
            |             WW2 but Ist 1957 and It can Escalate through Events 
            |            Sadly only About 20-25% done So far only europe and NA
            |             4 Custom Nations with A new german reich and a planned Event tree for Russia the US Germany and so on
            |            Rest of the world will be worked on and I want to make at least 120 Events before release 
            |            Events like :      2nd Pylopinesian war ,    Anschluss ,  Collapse of Austria hungary , Sudetenland WW2 Alliances through Events and You will Always get the choise If you want to For example  :                         Annex the Sudetenland or not
      Please leave reccomendations in the Threat and If you want to help me let me know I was very busy The past 2 days soo If you speak german and want to help with the Translation to Speed Things up a bit let me know 
      Here some Screenshots

    • By Mic
      Hello Guys!
      I am creating a scenario of the Cold War (post World War II). I have already finished the territories of the game (It is not 100 percent correct, because of the lack of provinces, and yes, I do not know how to play in the editor of provinces .-). Well, I want the scenario to have it all: - Events with several options (can alternate history and the winning side of the Cold War); - Something historical (Historical events, to leave more fun and realistic): - Leaders for each nation; - Events for small nations or that few people would play (Events to leave small nations more playable and interesting). This is what I want for my scenario! In the future, when I learn to tinker with the editor of provinces I will add some provinces, but I can not promise this. And if someone wants to help make the part of the provinces, I put the name in the credits of the scenario and also in the "authors" of the scenario. It is! Thanks for reading so far and in the near future I will be releasing the first version. Suggestions, criticisms and help, welcome =) Up until!  

      West vs East - 1946 Scenario.rar
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