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Age of Civilizations
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    • By PANTIC
      well for a many reasons so i said why not upload beta mod and see ppl loved or not
      so what we have in this beta!?
      in this beta i add a little new thing
      ▪new font
      ▪4 new scenario 
      ▪now u dont have to install obb for music its now in aoc v3 without obb
      ▪more thing you have to explored by you self 🙂
      ○Game requirements●
      1 GB RAM AND UP♤
      free 350 storage space and up♡
      Android 4.4.0 and up ◇

      how install

      download aoc v3 beta
      install game
      ▪Important things you need to▪ ▪know before you install▪
      this v3 It's not the full version, but it's better than the old version
      Dont delete original game
      You'll found some mistakes. I hope you tell me about them

      FULL version!?
      i well upload in next month
      30 new scenario 
      5 new map
      new army
      Warships & tanks
      realty map & mod
      new tool for war
      and more
      (FOR U GUYS)
      i remember when i upload aocII v2 some one told me can u upload v2 in google drive  i said nha i can't but now for u dude aoc v3 beta its in google drive
      pics and links

      --- icon


      AOC V2 & AOC V1
      AOC V3 BETA
      (without a password)
      LINKS of MODS

      AOC V1 (83 MB)
      _BAD THING_
      u need obb for music
      few scenarios
      few edit

      AOC V2 (117 MB)
      _BAD THING_
      u need obb for music

      OBB FILE (50 mb)
      FOR AOC 1V & 2v

      AOC V3 BETA (201 mb)

      •NEW LINK•
      special thanks  for everyone who •supported me thanks•
      •new links روابط جديد •

    • By Lucas L
      Hi! Today I show you a similar map to 1914,a map of 1916 in february,when the central powers "were close" to win WW1 (at least in Europe,with the entry in the war of the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria, the defeats of Russian Empire in the Eastern front,and the victories of the Ottoman Empire,with for example the Ottoman Empire close to dominate Suez Canal...)
      I did two maps of 1916:The first map with only Europe,and the second with all the world (I decided to show you the second one,because it's more complete)
      About tecnology:In the two maps,all the civilizations have the standard tecnology level,0.45,except the next civilizations,that have the next tecnology levels:
      -German Empire (In the two maps):0.6
      -United Kingdom (In the two maps):0.6
      -France (In the two maps):0.5
      -Russian Empire (In the two maps):0.5
      I am from android and I can't share the map with you until Workshop arrives,but I can show you some pictures:
      (The majoritie of pictures are from territories that changed from 1914 to 1916,like the fronts in Europe,Qingdao,German territories in the Pacific and Africa...)
      Update 26/03/2019:
      Well,apparently I'm really dumb,I forgot to put all the changes in territories of Middle East due the battles of the Front of the Middle East (I apparently was very concentrated in Europe,Africa and the Pacific hehe)
      But well,I finally changed it and now the borders are supposed to be correct (I suppose so... xD)
      In this update,I also gave to Persia defensive pacts with Russian Empire and the British Empire (In the reality,Persia was under the influence of Russia in the north and of the British Empire in the south) and I also gave to the Russian Empire and British Empire the military access in Persia,like in the real history.
      I gave to Russia all the territories that they ocuppied during 1914 and 1915 in Persia,except the capital,Teheran,for obvious reasons.
      Finally,I'm sorry for this fail,but I have some new pictures of the map for you!
      (The new pictures are of the new changes in territories due to the Front of  the Middle East)
      Update 29/03/2019:
      Well,another update hehe.But it's only for correct a little mistake in the Middle East(Yeah,another time xD) I gave to the Ottoman Empire some territories that,at that time,belong to Nejd.I corrected it and I took a picture for you can see the new territories of Nejd:
      Update 3/7/2019:
      I make this update for say you that I decided to change the dates on the map;now the scenario begins at 15 february 1916.With this change,I give to the Entente military access to Greece and Cameron is finally conquested by France.I would add pictures,but simply France conquested the last part of Cameron and the resto of the map it's the same,so it's stupid xD.
      If you see some error in the map,please tell me in comments and I'll try to fix it.
      Release:Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By PApaSpitler
      Okay so i have created a scenario for the addon+ mod 
      LORE:    its simple a alternative version of the aftermath of World War 1
      progress:  30%
      Events: I will add a lot of events over time and some unique events too like votes in a country every 4 years or so           about 500 events will be added so it will take a while but it will be worth it😉
      Also I will try my best to give the player a LOT of freedom in those events For example: if you want to try and buy the old german lands that were lost in the peace treaty or just make your realtions with france so good that you can just ask for them and of course you can choose the aggresive route 
      let me know if you like it or not and you can also leave suggestions for events, borders, continents etc

    • By 11:59 Development Team
      Formerly known as the 11:59 (An AoC2 mod) Discord Server, we have recently rebranded ourselves to cover all of Age of Civilisations, and with the departure of 'Strategy Hub A G E' (formerly the largest Age of Civilisations II Server) to general strategy games (and also a mass ban wave), it's safe for us to say that we are now the largest AoC2 server, with a fair slice of activity. It's not like we exclude members of other grand strategy/strategy games (or just games in general) though.
      This AoC2 Discord server runs on a democratic system, and we have no secret channels that users aren't able to access.

    • By Edisonek
      Hi, I made scenario about Iron Curtain. The half of communist world and war with democracy :D. I don't made leaders, because I'm lazy xD
      Siemka, stworzyłem scenariusz nt. Żelaznej Kurtyny. Ten scenariusz umieściłem w roku, gdzie było najwięcej dyktatur i komunistycznych państw. Nie robiłem liderów,ponieważ jestem leniwy.

      mini update.zip
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