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Age of Civilizations

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    • By South Mapping
      A world in which European colonial powers divided Asia, Africa, America, and Oceania. You can declare war on other European empires to take their colonies and take the lead!
      Colonial Empires.zip

    • By Sebastiano12
      Con quale nazione avete fatto la guerra
    • By NotSoAmerican
      HEADS UP! I do not know if this will work without addon+ and this isn't my background it is from addon+ and the background doesn't come with it.
      The Path Of Death
      Backstory: The Germans and Austro-Hungarians invade Switzerland violating it's neutral policy
      whilst also ignoring the Belgian Neutral Policy, They initiate 
      Betrieb Ladegerät (Operation Charger)  
      Where they charge through both the Swiss lands and Belgian Lands leading to the capture of Paris and soon...
      the surrender of France, after that they occupy The Netherlands (Not Hostile just military access and the Germans repay
      them with half of Australia after the war ends) Britain was about to launch Operation Dagger Storm but then...
      the fall of Britain, the Scots, Welsh, Umbrians, and Cornwallis break free, and not soon after Ireland and England.
      The Russian Empire had signed the Treaty of Berlin where it stated "The Russian Military will demilitarize Belarus, The Baltic, and Ukraine" leading to The Russian Disagreement where the demilitarized nations and Kazakhstan break free, Manchuria breaks away from Japan during the Japanese Civil War where Korea also declared independence but loses most of Southern Korea, The US falls after Mexico invades most of the Southern States, through all of this many revolts happen in the north leading to Wisconsin,The Northern Republic of America, and Iowa. The whole continent of Africa is trying to get it's independence but the Iron Fists that rule over them will not allow this.

      I have no friends
    • By Manstein
      What's in the Scenario?
      -Meksico Join Axis
      -America is divided by five: Germany,Japan,Meksico, Spain, and Italy
      Please Enjoy And Have Fun!
      How to install?
      download scenario extract it form zip/rar put into Age of Civilizations II\map\Earth(itsexampleifthatscenariomakedinkeplermapyouwillputinkepler)\scenarios put it here after theres a file named Age_Of_Civilizations open that with notepad++ and add the scenario tags(thefilename) and put ; at the end

    • By Beter Griffin
      I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday.
      Map I'm using:

      Map: 10-15%
      Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10%
      Scenarios: 1-2%
      Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0%
      Total: 4-6%
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