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Age of Civilizations

Warcraft (Author: eNeXPi)

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On 1/31/2019 at 2:44 PM, enexpi said:

Probably will push back the mod, The main Scenario is taking me more time then expected its slow walking around Azeroth and making them in AOC2 :))))


I've never seen someone with a quadruple chin before

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Posted (edited)

VERY nice work, dude.
Will it be finished so we can download it???
Looking forward to play the scenarios with my friends.

Also, the old one link doesn't work.

Edited by ElEgAnZzA

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Hi, how's the development going? I can't wait to play:) And the question is, is there any other localization planned besides English?


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On 13/01/2019 at 11:27, enexpi said:

Status atual: Trabalhando no PATCH 1.1 agora!


Autor: eNeXPi


Patch 1.1 RECURSOS

a) Cada Civilização tem muito mais opções de Civilizações Formable, algumas civilizações têm a opção de escolher seu caminho de luz ou caminho de sombra ... Verifique o Dark Iron Clan na imagem abaixo


Algumas pessoas não têm opção, elas têm um caminho. Eu uso suas estatísticas de afiliação em toda a história do warcraft. O Dark Iron Clan é apenas um grande exemplo de como eles mudam a história entre Ragnaros (Senhor do Fogo) depois que se juntaram ao Twilight's Hammer e agora eles fazem parte da Aliança

Notas: Vou tentar trabalhar nos eventos também, mas primeiro quero terminar os dois cenários que quero. provavelmente será para o cenário 1.1, finalize 2 cenários e faça o upload do mod / cenário.








see me.png


Como poço baixar o mapa


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There is no way to downlaod it anymore

since it seems like the creator is inactive, is there anyone who still has the file and can share or provide it somehow?

That would be great!

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    • By enexpi
      Current Status: Project is released half finished there will be no longer updates on current one
      the new map/mode Earth 2.0 I'm working will have shattered nations but not provinces

    • By VictorCrowley
          "Ours is a savage world..."
          Draenor is a world of savagery and beauty, magma and steam, and extreme diversity. Many races inhabit this world: the Orcs, shamanic tribes who will soon be twisted into bloodthirsty conquerors. The Draenei, refugees from another world fleeing their eternal enemy, the Burning Legion. The graceful, winged Arakkoa and their mangled kin who they burn alive in the name of their Sun Goddess. The Ogres, masters of the arcane and the remnants of a once great empire. The Saberon, savage primitive creatures of blood and claw. The primals, creatures of nature locked in an eternal war with the Breakers, colossal giants of earth and steel. Soon, the fate of all of these peoples shall hang in the balance.
          1100+ Provinces on one continent
          760+ Sea provinces
          7 full, lore-accurate scenarios spanning the entirety of both of Draenor's timelines
          41 civilizations
          A complete, 61-track soundtrack hand-picked from "The Burning Crusade", "Warlords of Draenor", and "Battle for Azeroth"

              25,000 years before the opening of the Dark Portal, Draenor is locked in an unending conflict between the Primals, a collective of the world's sapient plant life, and the Breakers, the children of the colossal elemental Grond who was the size of an entire continent.  These two primeval forces fight endlessly, and if either side were to win, the entire world would be overwhelmed by the victor.  Meanwhile, to the south, an avian race known as the arakkoa has created a glorious empire known as the Apexis.  Incredibly advanced and powerful, the Apexis is the greatest civilization ever to exist on Draenor.  But with the Primals advancing south with the intent to consume the arakkoa, the Apexis is going to have to fight for its very survival.
              The Apexis was governed by two religious orders: the Anhar, worshippers of Rukhmar and wielders of the Light; and the Skalax, worshippers of Anzu and masters of trickery.  But now, the once-glorious empire has split into these two sides.  The war that follows will define arakkoan society for the rest of the race's existence; and the victor will be ready to claim all of Draenor...and perhaps all of the Great Dark Beyond...
              Draenor stands at a crossroads.  In one history, the Burning Legion is about to corrupt the orcs and start a chain of events that would destroy the world itself; in another, a traveller from the future will unite the orcish clans into the Iron Horde and begin a conquest across all of existence.  This is before either of these will come to pass; and perhaps, in your history, neither will...
              The orcs, once a relatively peaceful shamanistic race, have been corrupted by Gul'dan and the Burning Legion.  They begin their savage conquest with the Draenei, a race of star-travellers who have fled the Legion for milennia.  Cornered and endangered, the Draenei must fight for their very survival, as their eternal enemy has discovered them at last...
              The orcs, succeeding in their purge of the Draenei, turned their sights on another world entirely: Azeroth.  But they did not expect resistance; and the Sons of Lothar, a group of the Alliance sent to fight the orcs on their own turf, has come to turn the tide.  With the fel horde falling to the resistance, time is running short; and Draenor will not survive much longer.
              In another time, familiar yet oddly different, a stranger comes to the Warsong clan and shows its Warlord a vision of what would come.  The orcs would soon reject their corruption, and instead banded together to form the Iron Horde.  Armed with powerful technology and dreams of conquest, the Iron Horde began its great wars by building a new Dark Portal and invading Azeroth once more.  But in a strange repeat of history, resistance came once again; and the Alliance and another Horde pushed back and destroyed the second Dark Portal.  With the Iron Horde now trapped on their own world, the Alliance and Vol'jin's Horde must establish footholds and destroy this threat.  
              For 35 years after the Iron Horde's end, the Draenei and the Mag'har remnants fought a crusade to wipe the Burning Legion from the face of Draenor.  With their eventual success, the Draenei have begun to convert other races to their precious Light.  Infusing their bodies with the Light itself, the Lightbound have begun converting the other races by force.  Will the Mag'har be able to keep their identity, or will the Lightbound succeed in their crusade?  "In the light, we are one..."
      Download here!

          The installation process is relatively simple.  
          1. Download the .zip above.
          2. Extract the "game", "map", and "music" folders inside this .zip into your Age of Civilizations folder.  
          3. If asked to replace any files, replace all of them.  
          4. Start Age of Civilizations and select the "Draenor V3" map.  It works best on 1x scale but 3x scale is also provided.
          5. Pick a scenario and begin!
          Uninstallation simply requires the following:
          1. In steam, right-click on Age of Civilizations 2 and select "Properties."
          2. Go to the local files tab.
          3. Select "Verify integrity of game files."
          4. Let the process run to completion!


    • By Eldrac
      This is my World of Warcraft project i have been working on and is still is world design phase.
      Im putting it up now for ideas and suggestions on how the map should be designed. I tried to scale the citys down but Stormwind remain the huge province(or many small provinces).
      Ps: i don't like pandaria so im not thinkng of adding it.

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