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Update 0.2

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    • By memososisi
      I shared a scenario called 2019. I want to continue developing a scenario. I didn't add nations. I am going to add nations and other autonomous states when I prepare v2.
      2019 V1 Review Video: 
      2019 V1 Link for PC&Android: http://link.tl/2hMyC
      I added other Autonomous States. I added some relations. I fixed my mistakes. I am going to add nations when I prepare v3.
      2019 V2 Review Video: 
      2019 V2 Link for PC&Android: http://link.tl/2i88x
      How to Install New Scenarios for Age of Civilizations II Android: https://youtu.be/Z5PztpzWY6o
      How to Download New Civilizations for Age of Civilizations II Android:
      How to Download Documents on Link.tl:
      Screenshots for V1:

      Screenshots for V2:

    • By Evidential
      Modern Day +

      The AOC2 Modern Day Expansion is a Mod Where I Add in Many New Things Into The Scenario: Modern Day
      - New Army Sizes
      - Diplomacy
      - Alliances
      - Events
      - Economy
      - Excitement For All
      Version 0.3 ALPHA <-- LATEST
      Modern Day +.zip
      Version 0.2 ALPHA
      Modern Day +.zip
      Version: 0.11 ALPHA
      Modern Day +.zip
      Version: 0.1 ALPHA
      Disclaimer: Do Not Copy This Mod.
      This Mod Uses the Real Life Sizes of The Army In Real Life and Divides It By 50
      All The Economic Sizes Are Calculated By Their Real Life GDP
      Change Log:
      0.3 ALPHA- Added Afircan Union, Added A TON of Events, Added Some Ecomomies and Armies, Bug Fixes, Added Somaliland, Added Putinism, updated the Governments.json, READ THE NOTES IN THE ZIP FILE!!!!!!
    • By Evidential
      Update 0.4 Plans:
      - A BUNCH OF MORE EVENTNNNSSSSS (probably 25)
      - Another faction
      - army sizes
      - and more surprizessss 😉
    • By Evidential
      Update 0.3
      - African Union Events
      - Some More Events
      - 50 More Economy Sizes
      - 20 More Army Sizes
      - and MoRe
      (Big Update) 🙂
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