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Age of Civilizations
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    • By AgerioPH
      Soo i just discovered this thing were the australian natives and papaua have maxed out tech very early also im playing this in normal 1440 scenario 
    • By Lucas L
      Hi! After some days of work,I finished my first map of the entire world!
      It's a world map of 1570 with 125 civilizations.In some places,like India,I had to create some new civilizations that weren't in the game.
      There is one special case:Japan.I put some rival clans in it,but you know,Japan is always in civil wars,so some zones are neutral.
      The map doesn't has wasteland (I don't like wasteland in the entire world)
      And finally,there are some places,like North America,Australia and Siberia,with tribal civilizations,so their territory can be a bit different of reality.
      Update 16/04/2019:
      I am from android,so I couldn't share the map with you,but now,with the help of my friend krauser3ful,I can give you the download link!
      Enjoy the scenario! :
      Finally,I show you some pictures of the map.If you see a error,please tell me in comments and I will try to fix it.

      Release:You can download the map now! 
      Thank you for reading!
    • By kirisor1807
      Hi I launched a great game for Castile in 1440 after hours of work I saved the game and closed the game, but later when I want to come back to the game it's all lost and whenever I try to open up "load game" tab my game crashes and closes down, the progress whilst sad that is lost isn't anything special I want this to not happen again to anyone.
    • By German_Soldier
      This scenario starts on 19th April 1775 date of start of the American Revolution. The Thirteen Colonies are currently at war aganist the British Empire. If you choose to play with the Thirteen Colonies you will have the support of France and Netherlands (and Spain but not at war with UK because it will be too easy to win the scenario with a world superpower support).Meanwhile if you choose to play with UK you will play with the support only of a small German nation, Hesse.
      Alliances: USA and Allies (France and the Netherlands)                   
                         UK and Allies (Hesse)                                                                                                 
      Screenshot (version 1.1): 
      Download (version 1.1):
      1775 scenario.rar
    • By Nicolas_Utópico
      Making some continuations and modifications in the mod, we now have new events and some of the poland that I had not shown the photos anymore is now there
      THE LINK:http://www.mediafire.com/file/e552uvy9owfqf52/Fuhrerreich+Legacy+Of+the+Great+War+The+German+expansion.rar
      Note:effects of the flag was another mod whose link is here, the modification was perfect in my opinion:

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