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Collapse of Qing, Taiping Rebellion & New Ideologies!

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It's true. Update 1.1 really is nearing its completion. All I need to do now is add a few missing civilizations and finish the coal/iron terrain maps and finish the collapse of Qing event completely. Otherwise, that's really the update done! So I hope I haven't had you guys waiting too long. As for today's "dev report", I've got 2 things: info about the new Qing events and something I've been working on for update 1.2, Manifest Destiny. Let's get started:

  • Collapse of Qing.

At around 1900, Qing gets an event called "Collapse of Qing". This starts an event chain where every turn there's a chance for events that happen to Qing. These events include things such as the people of a country (such as Mongolia) demanding independence, and if Qing refuses, they get a severe happiness loss. This should more accurately represent the collapse of Qing into warlords at the start of the 20th century.

  • Taiping Rebellion!

Once the Qing is centralized, they now have a chance for the "Taiping Rebellion" event to fire. Once it fires, a civil war breaks out between the Taiping and Qing. The Qing has a long-term advantage, meaning most of the time the Heavenly Kingdom will lose. While the event is underway, there's also a possibility for an event about the instability of the dynasty, giving a happiness debuff.

  • New governments!

because, surprise surprise, they're based off those of Victoria 2. At the moment I've renamed the current governments to:

  1. Conservatism - the standard ideology in the Victorian Era.  Has high acceptable taxation, low minimum goods and investments, as well as a small buff to taxation, production and a noticeable boost to defense, but in return it has +5% research cost. Good and versatile starting ideology;
  2. Reactionaryism - the more extreme brother of conservatism. Higher acceptable taxation, very low minimum goods and investments as well as a sizeable boost to taxation and production, but has a much higher +15% research cost. Good for growing economies;
  3. Liberalism - an ideology that gets much more popular later down the road. Has high acceptable investments, high minimum goods and investments, higher military upkeep and administration cost and little defense, but gets a -15% research cost. Good for stable and rich economies.
  4. Anarcho-Liberalism - the more extreme version of liberalism. Similarly to liberalism, it has an even higher minimum goods and investments and gets a debuff to taxation and production and a +25% to military upkeep, but gets a whopping -25% research cost. Good for very large economies.
  5. Socialism - an ideology that only shows up later on. Unlike its more extreme version, communism, socialism is very economic-based. It gets a very high acceptable taxation, but also a very high minimum goods and investments. However, it also gets a very sizeable increased in taxation and production. Good for growing economies that aren't under threat.
  6. Communism - unlike socialism, communism is very largely based on war. It gets extremely high acceptable taxation, extremely low minimum goods and investments, the same boost to taxation and production as socialism, and a very noticeable -15% military upkeep, but in return, it gets +20% research cost (slowest out of all the modern ideologies) and a +20% administration cost. Good for already-well developed countries that need to often go to war.
  7. Fascism - a weird mix of all the ideologies. It has a rather high acceptable taxation, mediocre minimum goods and investments, -10% research cost, -15% military upkeep and a -5% administration cost, but in return it gets a slight debuff to taxation and production. Good for countries that conquer a lot.

Although, these ideologies will only be available in Update 1.2 Manifest Destiny. I want to get update 1.1 out as soon as possible since it's been in development for long enough! 

Hope you enjoyed reading this dev report!


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Just now, Future mapper said:

anarcho liberalism cant be a goverment type 

It's not anarchism in your typical sense. It's supposed to be liberalism with as complete little government interference as possible, but the government itself is still there. Not to mention, these are generally ideologies, not governments.

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