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Age of Civilizations

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there it is, someone made a mod of the 'Avatar, the last airbender' series.

now you can invade the air kingdom and commit a massive Genocide on the airbenders.

or you can just try to defend your empire from the earth nation.






according to the fandom wiki. The earth kingdom broke after the queen was killed. So i featured that map in as well so you can unify everything under your nation.






The installation is simple.

I did everything into a zip file.

Avatar_AoC2.zip //this is the zip file i talked about.

 You can simply install everything on into the installation map most likely found in  (\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Civilizations II).

If you go into the “Map”  file you can file a file named Age of civilisations.

That is what you need, You go into that file. And paste this within the []:


                                            Folder: "avatar"


(this lets the program know that there is a map named “avatar”)




Now you go into the “Civilisations” File. In here you also find a file named “Age of Civilisations”. Here you see a list with a lot of arg;jssd;sdasd;asdasd;adasdasd;asd;adsa;sd. This are the nations with their tags. You have to paste the next line on the end of the line:




Fire Nation;Water Tribes;Air Normads;Earth Kingdom;Northern Water Tribe;Southern Water Tribe;Foggy Swamps;Omashu;Ba Sing Se;Hu Xin;United Republic;Yu Dao;Chuli;Hong;Chu;Gaipan;Jeong Jeong;Da Po Fu;Chao;Jun Lao;Ya;Yi;Shamu;Si Wong ;Nuo;Rong;Yanhai;Kerkaw;Siaw  Jong;Ru;Bei;Kun;Bei [Bei2];Jien Sin;Bai;Shun;Gongheguo Guojia;Nitu;Tu Zin;Zhou;Musgra Vite;Xiao;Jundui Tudi;Ginsha;Zui Nanduan;Jiqjang;Wugou Dong;Shuang;San;Bongfang;Honggang;Zuihou;Wan Ming;Song Island;





After we done that we just need one more thing to do.

We go into the “Leaders”  File. And here we search for a file named : “Age of Civilizations” (the man behind this must be very creative).

Here you can copy and paste the next line on the end of the long list of numbers and digits:










This will make sure that all the nations that are made exist.



And now you are off to go and ready to commit a massive genocide on the airbenders.


i hope u like it.

if you have feedback or bugs, i would love to hear them.



Alec van Spronsen



Plaatje 7.png

plaatje 6.png

plaatje 5.png

plaatje 3.png

Plaatje 2.png

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