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Age of Civilizations

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    • By oooo666y5534
      Thirty Years War
      War of the Quadruple Alliance
      Seven Years War
      American war of independence
      The Great War
      Absolute Monarchy
      Feudal Monarchy
      Despotic Monarchy
      Prussian Monarchy
      Constitutional Monarchy
      Elective Monarchy
      Mod videos:
       Better pictures leader
          New scenarios:   Cold war   Great Northern War   Franco-Prussian War
    • By ren20
      to install it we need WinRAR, after using it, it will leave us a folder and the folder will be left here. (computer name)> program files (x86)> steam> steamapps> common> age of civilizations II> map> earth_aoc1> scenarios WWII Tiny.rar
    • By Oreshek:3
      I want to inform you about the development of a new scenario. It will be like " another world."
      What will happen in this scenario? First, the action will take place before WW1. The United States and other countries will support the independence of not only Ethiopia and Liberia, but also other colonies. Africa will be free, Asia-partly South America, North America. Portugal would retain some of its colonies, but Angola and Mozambique would become independent States. Great Britain will lose a number of dominions, with the exception of the British Raj. And the colonies will get the status of dominions. France would lose its colonies and also give dominion status to countries: French North Africa, French Morocco, French Guiana. With Spain, the situation is the same. The Qing Empire will not lose cities: Hong Kong, Macao, Qingdao, etc. because of this, there will be no civil war.event "the fate of Hong Kong and Macao", a new vassal "Portuguese Raj" and an independent country "French Raj"
      Additionally* there Will be a new event "African revolt" (for France). There will be a civil war in Spain.
      Updated: New independent States (Jamaica and Belize). New event " Ottoman Empire"
      Due to the fact that the scinario done in Addon+, there are some problems that I will solve in the near future.
      The topic of poll: How better should WW1 start? I already have idea, but it will be interesting to read your opinion. I remind you! Austria-Hungary does not exist!
      I hope you enjoy this scenario. Sorry about my English.

    • By Alnilam
      Polish and English versions of my new scenario "British Civil War"
      Note: Scenarios are IN british_civil_war_english and british_civil_war_polish file
      Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/psytbyyhep7dgun/British_Civil_War.zip/file

    • By Cayo
      I was editing my game, and decides to open the "Bundle" file to answer a question I had, when I accidentally found it, some extremely interesting things:
      -Alliance (commom);
      -New diplomatic mechanics (embassies);
      -Military Alliance;
      -Espionage mechanics;
      -Nuclear weapons.
      The "Bundle" file is used to translate game codes into our language. This means that if in a language file these codes are translated into it then they really exist. Now why aren't they in the game?
      This is not the first time you encounter mechanics that are in the archives but not in the game. The most famous example of this is the "religions" folder, which can be easily found. It only contains images of the religions that would be in the game but are not.
      The question I want to ask is this:, why aren't these things in the game, Łukasz? Why did you do things in half ?*
      * = (Brazilian expression for those who start something, but don't finish it)
      OBS: I translated the text I wrote from Portuguese (my language) to English through Google Translate, so if some parts get confused, you should know why.
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