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Project: Alpha (13.316 Provinces) | v0.1.5 Update | DOWNLOAD NOW!

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Kerem umarım en kısa zamnda biter ve bazı yerler yalnış olmuş mesela Fransa İspanya kısmı oraları zamanla duzeltirsiziniz cidden böyle modlara ihtiyacımız var şimdiden teşekkürler

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Project: Alpha (Announcement) 


Turkey in Normal Map: 71
in Project: Alpha: 153


Syria in Normal Map: 16
in Project: Alpha: 21


Cyprus in Normal Map: 2
in Project: Alpha: 4


Italy in Normal Map: 50
in Project: Alpha: 103


France in Normal Map: 68
in Project: Alpha: 158


Spain in Normal Map: 48
in Project: Alpha: 115


Portugal in Normal Map: 14
in Project: Alpha: 41


Holland in Normal Map: 9
in Project: Alpha: 23


Belgium in Normal Map: 6
in Project: Alpha: 12


U.K in Normal Map: 41
in Project: Alpha: 129


Ireland in Normal Map: 13
in Project: Alpha: 30


Bulgaria in Normal Map: 11
in Project: Alpha: 22


Crotia in Normal Map: 7
in Project: Alpha: 20


Serbia in Normal Map: 9
in Project: Alpha: 21


Macedonia in Normal Map: 4
in Project: Alpha: 6


Albania in Normal Map: 4
in Project: Alpha: 12


Montenegro in Normal Map: 3
in Project: Alpha: 5


Bosnia and Herzegovina in Normal Map: 6
in Project: Alpha: 16


Slovenia in Normal Map: 3
in Project: Alpha: 9


Switzerland in Normal Map: 7
in Project: Alpha: 17


Licheinstein in Normal Map: No
in Project: Alpha: 1

As you can see, the map is growing about 3 times. When the map ends, it can also cross 10,000 provinces.

Vaux - Kerems2434 - Iesth

Edited by Kerems2434

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Project: Alpha Mod:
1200/8000+ provinces completed.


U.K, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, Slovenia, Lincheinstein, Crotia, Bosnia-Herzeg, Denmark, Hungary (Half), Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania (Half), Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Austria (Half) completed.

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16 hours ago, Cayo said:

Will this map be focused only on Europe or will it be a world map?

World Map Bro. It may take a little longer, but we will try to make the whole world in 1 month. Next week, we will release BETA V1 with 1300 provinces.

Edited by Kerems2434

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      Historical Ultimate Project (HUP) - Work in progress.

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      - New map (15 thousand provinces probably), with cities;
      - Scenarios from 100 BC to 2021 AD;
      - New historical and fictitious formable nations;
      - New ideologies;
      - New nations;
      - Events.
      Current state
      The current state of the mod is still being finalized in Europe, the first alpha will be released when Europe is completed, the 1600 AD scenarios to 2021 are completed and the cities of Europe are completed, while it is not completed I won't launch any mod files (in the first version there will be no events, we are focusing on making the map at the moment).
      If you want to enter the discord server to suggest something or see the mod's progress, I recommend entering the Discord server, I speak Portuguese (my native language), English and I can understand a little bit of Spanish, so we can communicate minimally and exchange some ideas. On Discord it's more certain that I would see your message than here, so if you want to go in there, you're welcome.
      Mic and Renan

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      I'am currently working on this Lord of the Rings themed Mod for Age of Civilisations II.
      It Will feature:
      1. A large Map with several Thousand provinces. 
      2. An abundance of different scenarios
      3. Many Formable Civilisations such as Arnor and Númenor
      4. Events for the most important Nations
      5. A Fellowship of the Ring Eventchain
      6. Leaders for all Major Realms
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      8. Every Member of the Fellowship with his own Realm
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      11. The Soundtrack of LotR and The Hobbit 
      12. A nice Custom Icon 
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      Java is a small mod i thought of 2 years ago but ended up cancelling it but today i will be starting to make it, this will also be my first mod i ever created. The mod as what the title says will be focusing on the island of Java and Bali, anyways here's what i will be featuring :
      A map of the island of Java and Bali (Separate Maps for Regencies and Districts of Java/Bali) Including Regions, Cities, and District Names for the Provinces Various historical scenarios New Civilizations New Soundtracks Including Leaders and their flags  New UI (Using and modifying 'Conquerors AOC2/EU4' UI and SFX) Maybe some modifications to the game? ( Maybe changes to the mechanism of the game if i can ) Indonesian Language , 21% Done. I don't think im going to make the mod for Android too
      Download PC : Soon after it's done obviously
      Discord : https://discord.gg/za9WQR6CdG
      8:00 PM
      it's all done! though there are some errors while making the provinces so it'll take abit more of time to finish the map.
       - Land Provinces done.

      UPDATES :
      * (01/07/21) Regencies of Java Map done.
      * (03/07/21) Working on UI, Soundtracks, and Game stuff.
      *(13/12/21) Further Progress unknown, currently stopped.
    • By Noobs Dudes
      Add your Civ suggestions in the comments and i'll add them.
      Since i am working on another project currently, i wont update this one too often. Basically created it in memory of the galaxy map.
      Current Progress: 201 Provinces

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