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Age of Civilizations

Project: Alpha Mod - (The Biggest Map for AoC2 - 6732/10.000+Provinces)

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Project: Alpha Mod (The Biggest Map for AoC2 - 6732/8000+ Provinces) 

Hello, everyone. Yesterday, we started working on making the greatest map ever made for AoC2. Name of the Mode: Project: Alpha. We have completed approximately 6732 provinces in three weeks on this map where 10.000+ provinces will be located. We're going really fast. If we can continue at this rate, I think we'll complete the mode in 1 month.

                                                       Please don't forget to specify your ideas about the mod from the comments.



                                                                                                              6732 PROVINCES COMPLETED!


AoC2ModdingTR Discord Server: https://discord.gg/erJ6zuc
AoC2ModdingTR YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIVov6An3mEzP17tLGcZl6g
AoC2ModdingTR Donate Site: 

Vaux - Kerems2434 - Visegrad Mapping - UlutasErn


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Project: Alpha (Announcement) 


Turkey in Normal Map: 71
in Project: Alpha: 153


Syria in Normal Map: 16
in Project: Alpha: 21


Cyprus in Normal Map: 2
in Project: Alpha: 4


Italy in Normal Map: 50
in Project: Alpha: 103


France in Normal Map: 68
in Project: Alpha: 158


Spain in Normal Map: 48
in Project: Alpha: 115


Portugal in Normal Map: 14
in Project: Alpha: 41


Holland in Normal Map: 9
in Project: Alpha: 23


Belgium in Normal Map: 6
in Project: Alpha: 12


U.K in Normal Map: 41
in Project: Alpha: 129


Ireland in Normal Map: 13
in Project: Alpha: 30


Bulgaria in Normal Map: 11
in Project: Alpha: 22


Crotia in Normal Map: 7
in Project: Alpha: 20


Serbia in Normal Map: 9
in Project: Alpha: 21


Macedonia in Normal Map: 4
in Project: Alpha: 6


Albania in Normal Map: 4
in Project: Alpha: 12


Montenegro in Normal Map: 3
in Project: Alpha: 5


Bosnia and Herzegovina in Normal Map: 6
in Project: Alpha: 16


Slovenia in Normal Map: 3
in Project: Alpha: 9


Switzerland in Normal Map: 7
in Project: Alpha: 17


Licheinstein in Normal Map: No
in Project: Alpha: 1

As you can see, the map is growing about 3 times. When the map ends, it can also cross 10,000 provinces.

Vaux - Kerems2434 - Iesth

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Project: Alpha Mod:
1200/8000+ provinces completed.


U.K, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxemburg, Germany, Slovenia, Lincheinstein, Crotia, Bosnia-Herzeg, Denmark, Hungary (Half), Montenegro, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania (Half), Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Austria (Half) completed.

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16 hours ago, Cayo said:

Will this map be focused only on Europe or will it be a world map?

World Map Bro. It may take a little longer, but we will try to make the whole world in 1 month. Next week, we will release BETA V1 with 1300 provinces.

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    • By Musocen
      Still In Progress. I Think It Can Be A very Good Project
      The Province Map Is Barely 10.000x9500 px and 2.6mb in size
      Though I Am A beginner In AoC2 Map Editing I Think I can make it
      (The Specific Map Is Just A Showcase Of The Map Overall [793kb 9140x8510 px]

    • By George Head
      Our discord server: https://discord.gg/aU3jumr
      Mod will give you:
       -The larger world map with more than 5000 new provinces.
      -There are reworked governments and 12 new of them.
      -large number of events taking all of the epochs.
      -All of the global scenarios from original game
      Mode now is in active developing. We're expect that mode will be ready until July and testing of the mode will start at the april-may.
      The biggest countries that already are done:
      Spain - 212 prov
      Norway - 143 prov;
      Sweden - 196 prov;
      Finland - 144 prov;
      Poland - 135 prov;
      Germany - 180 prov;
      Italy - 120 prov;
      France - 234 prov;
      Great Britain - 133 prov;
      And it's only beginning...
      We need developers!
      Наш сервер дискорд: https://discord.gg/aU3jumr
      Наша группа в вк: https://vk.com/LBW_AoC
      Мод даст вам:
      -Большую карту мира с более чем 5000 новых провинций.
      - Переработанные формы правления и 12 новых.
      -Большое количество событий, охватывающих все эпохи.
      -Все глобальные сценарии из оригинальной игры
      Мод сейчас находится в активной разработке. Мы ожидаем, что Мод будет готов до июля, а тестирование режима начнется в апреле-мае.
      Самые большие страны, которые уже сделаны: 
      Испания - 212 провинций
      Норвегия - 143 провинции;
      Швеция - 196 провинций;
      Финляндия - 144 провинции;
      Великобритания - 133 провинции;
      Польша - 135 провинций;
      Германия - 180 провинций;
      Франция - 234 провинции;
      Италия - 120 провинций;
      И это только начало...
      Нам нужны разработчики!

    • By oooo666y5534
      Wojna Quadruple Alliance

      Wojna siedmioletnia

      Amerykańska wojna o niepodległość

      Wielka wojna



      1940 r

      1942 r


      1945 r

      Zimna wojna
      Wielka Wojna Północna Wojna francusko-pruska Wojny Jugosłowiańskie Inwazja na Rosję Powstanie islamu II wojna światowa + ideologia:
      Monarchia absolutna
      Monarchia feudalna
      Despotyczna monarchia
      Monarchia pruska
      Monarchia konstytucyjna
      Monarchia elekcyjna
      Modowe filmy:
       Lider lepszych zdjęć
          Nowe tło
      Download link:
    • By Beter Griffin
      I have begun work on a probably 1000+ province map of the Roman world. Unlike the hoi4 map project, this one will not be abandoned. In fact, I might even restart the hoi4 map someday.
      Map I'm using:

      Map: 10-15%
      Growth rate, regions, etc.: 10%
      Scenarios: 1-2%
      Fleshed-out scenarios (events and other things that will require more than /map): 0%
      Total: 4-6%
    • By YOSOPON
      ATTENTION! After the release of the new editor, which is many times more convenient than the old one, I will do mod in it! The speed will hardly suffer, and the quality will be much more than through a provincie generator!
      ВНИМАНИЕ! После выхода нового редактора который в разы удобнее чем старый, я буду делать в нём! Скорость почти не пострадает, а качество будет намного больше чем через генератор провинций!
      I started making a map of Switzerland with a bunch of provinces. I don’t know when map will be released, so if you're interested, this is good
      Я начал делать карту Швейцарии с кучей провинций. Не знаю когда выйдет map, так что если вам интересно, это хорошо
      Ubdate 3: Some regions borders, more provinces
      Update 4: 100 provinces in new editor! Just in 2 days!

      Update 5: 550 Provinces

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