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Age of Civilizations
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The true history of fascism

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We all learned at school that Fascism emerged in Italy in the 1920s - but that is not true!

They tried to hide the truth from us, but eventually, it would appear.

It all starts in the Cyrenaica region, in 1647, in Egypt. The people of the region were tired of the Cairo government, which was only taking Egypt into wars that were impossible to be won and that had no end. To finance these wars, the government withdrew all possible resources from this region, from financial resources to people to fight the war. With all this abuse and neglect on the part of the government, a new idea began to gain strength in the minds of these suffering people: fascism (something very similar to what happened in Russia during the 1910s).

The situation reached such a point that it could no longer be endured. The people took up arms and rose up against the Sultan!

Several battles were fought between the rebels and the Sultan's forces and, in most of them, the rebels won.

Two years after the beginning of the rebellion, the revolt came to an end, in 1649, with the victory of the local people - in short they were free from the Sultan's tyranny.

Strangely, they chose the name of their new country to be the same as the previous one: Egypt (?!).

I couldn't find images of the maps of that time, the most I could find was this map from 1757:


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We all learned? First of all, who is "we all"? It's not what I learned.  'Contemporary' Fascism" began in Italy! What you SHOULD SAY is that 'recorded history' indicates that the first indications of Fascism was 1647, bla, bla, bla. 

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