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Age of Civilizations

Big change mod (feat.classes.dex)(backgrounds)('5'goverments)(move icons)

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    • By Diego
      this is a project to bring Imperator:Rome to Age of Civilizations, you could help
      provinces completed: unknown
      planned features:
      all territory names
      adding or renaming government types to imperator government types
      adding scenarios
      adding all civilizations from imperator (help wanted)
    • By YandelGamer
      ¿Como puedo agregar otro jugador en media partida?, ¿se puede?, si es así alguien me lo puede decir ☺️
    • By AgentCreeper
      The Europa Universalis Mod will add all governments that are in EU4 and all civilizations, it will also include all scenarios in EU4.
      Currently there are 204 completed provinces and I hope to complete the map by Christmas.

    • By Resul Pasha
      Arkadaşlar merhaba ben yeni başlıyorum AoC2'yi düzenlemeye o yüzden sizden yardım etmenizi istiyorum kendi oyun içindeki iconları nasıl kendi isteğim gibi yaparım mesela renklerini nasıl değiştiririm bunun gibi. Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim yeniyim. 
    • By qwd2359@gmail.com
      Difference before: +10  music + original  music, +3 ideology, change building icon, , classes.dex fixed( {CHANGE THINGS: stables system, tech defense etc.}but it change it.), change ages buffs, ideology buffs change, change move, move to icons, event images, map image 
      I can things: l want to make army gives system, Military defense per research skill Why can't add the systems because  the java so complex. and My platform is mobile. Why try to add the system. Because The game inventor. Not work it. I think he can make it because he is the founder, you will know the program of the game. I want Even if he couldn't immediately create the Age of Civilization 3 using my 20,000 words of feedback, I wish I could do it a bit. 
      (The key to modding is the province max POSITION defense, that is, there is a maximum defense rate. Up to 60, so up to 85. I've done a lot of trouble while changing this a little. For reference, there are more points in the writing itself I tried to fix the terrain bug and deleted it incorrectly The game is good! Usually, if you erase it incorrectly, I don't. In const4 / v0 v1, replacing 1 with 2 The game doesn't work. 0xa or 0x10 (Alphabet x) I borrowed the power of the calculator. Note classes.dex is mobile only When converting to com, solving dex and writing is complicated. The rest seems to be com.)
      my mods links and work images

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