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    • By deniz2009
      hello player 12345 have not create province f map i am sad
      the map 

    • By BrakeCoachStudios
      This Medium Map project was started in Google+ after the Mars Project. It's objectives were to extend the historical border accuracy in the original map of AOC1, while creating some actual provinces or countries merged with other provinces/countries in the original AOC map.
      This project started when I noticed that there was no territorial changes between Germany and Poland before/after WW1. I also noticed the lack of Konigsberg/Kaliningrad in the map. That lead me to draw new province borders to create more historic accuracy in original AOC scenarios. First was Poznan, then Austrian Galicia, East Prussia, Pre/Post WW1 borders, the borders after the Vienna Award, along with making new provinces to balance the province amount of the countries.
      As you can see, this map not only has minimum provinces, but you could also create scenarios like WW1/2, 1440(mostly), 5AD, the American Civil War, Ancient Korean Kingdoms, the expansion of the US, the European Colonialism Era, and other historic events.
      This would not only create simple gameplay but also revive the old AOC map with better border accuracy.
      This was initially called the Medium Map Project, but I am changing the name into LESS Provinces.
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