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Easiest nation to start in 1444

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If you want to learn the game without many shenanigans and being to tiny to experience the game, i recommend PORTUGAL

Why?, easy Castille and Morocco are always waging war against each other, so:

  1. Make the reconquista fast af, remember to get the Gibraltar!
  2. Morocco will declare against Castille, you can simply allow both to be in your country and both will never wage against you!

Now in Diplomacy in alliances, i recommend getting one alliance with England as they normally never lose (if you support them in france obviously), Ottomans are nice too sometimes

In Buildings make a lot of ports in the north and south of your country as 90% you need ocean superiority

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England and Ming are quite easy, France always in my games gets killed by Nevers or Burgundy, Ottomans usually get ganged up on by Karaman and Mamaluks. 

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My favorite country to play as in the 1440 start date is norway (and not just because I am a Norwegian American but that's most likely why I started playing it) but it's already close to greenland and from there you can start American colonization

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