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Fallout Scenario (Unfinished)

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    • By CyclistSteve
      this is my first map, with the time, i will uptade the map (i know its bad and small and looks lazy, but i will add countries in the future, and since the map is in the future, some territories will be different)

      Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Lou4u9WFK5qTAMOHaTEwk8OQnoNbFjS3
    • By Mr.Hitler
      This is a Fallout universe scenario but its the whole world it has only a few events but more will be added soon
    • By TTs
      In 3727 the robots, cyborgs,dogs,dinossaurs,and more will start a revolution and will extinguish the humans (not all).
      New Civilizations:
      -Cyborg Domain
      -Evolved Robots
      -Dog Domination
      -Dinossaur Republic
      -American Humans, European Humans and African Humans
      none so far
      Screenshot (For a while)

    • By Alfa-Z 343
      Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mwHIUssDAsazwi6U-ZEy4cuKciRSnzzP/view?usp=sharing
      Hi! I’d like to share this AoC2 scenario where I’ve created the map of the United States but with the factions of the universe Fallout, at the moment has no events, but I am working on it to have the most important events of the universe Fallout. If you find any errors or have suggestions, leave them in the comments.I worked on the "usastates" scenario so the Fallout scenario file has the same name since it cannot be changed.
      For those who do not know:
      -The file  -usastates- goes in: / age of civilizations II / map / earth / scenario / without changing the name!
      -All remaining files go in: / age of civilizations II / game / civilizations_editor / without changing the name to any!
      If you have any doubt, leave it to me in the comments too.

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