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Here I come with an advice. Use omniatlas.com for your scenarios, it is the most accurate historical atlas and unlike gecron it was not made for political purposes ;).
This looks amazing. 😉

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26 minutes ago, kokakolabrooooo said:

he made the map already isnt possible to add them


yeah, no problem. It was just a suggestion. love the work he's done for the community.

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1 hour ago, RyanOrleansII said:

Great! Keep continuing it!

Is a scenario finished btw

No, there is still a lot of work to be done.

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On 6/21/2020 at 3:05 AM, DOUGLAS said:

It’s A Beautifal Mod But It Will Be Automatic Extractor Or We Have To Extract And Put The Game Files Ourselves?🤔


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    • By DenizMert2008
    • By a-ha
      the great viking empire is back and its better then ever. this mod also includes 
      scotland at the time
      kingdom of ireland
      and isle of man empire (i butchered that)
      so yeah hope you enjoy.

      modernworld modernworld_A modernworld_C modernworld_D modernworld_HRE modernworld_INFO.json modernworld_PD modernworld_W
    • By viktor77727
      I just started working on a scenario based around the Vikings/Northmen/Norsemen/Scandinavians and their voyages.
      The countries are based on real viking kingdoms, kingdoms from the Norse sagas and historical regions.
      So far I've created 60 countries -  including Scania, Hålogaland, Vinland, Hordaland, Rogaland, Svitjod, Danelaw, Gardarike (Garðariki), Akerhus and many others (I also will divide Sami and Karelia into smaller states, edit some of the countries and add some more kingdoms in North America, central Scandinavia, on the North Sea/Mediterranean/Baltic coast, Ireland and along the Volga and Dnieper rivers)
      The scenario will most likely cover most of Europe and parts of Northern America, Africa and Asia. 
      I will also add the option to form Gothia, Svealand, Sweden, Denmark, Norwegian/Swedish/Danish/North Sea Empire, Jutland, Norrland, Greater Scania, Norway, Kalmar Union, Russia and some other countries/states from smaller states.
      The scenario will not be the most historical one - some of the nations couldn't exist simultaneously and some states didn't have flags so I had to improvise but I still tried to keep the scenario as historically accurate as possible.
      I will also add some events - e.g. the attack on Lindisfarne and maybe even the Norwegian civil war (it didn't happen during the Viking Age but in this timeline it could)
      Should I continue working on this project? Do you have any suggestions/feedback? Please let me know what you think 🙂
      (the screenshot show only some of the nations that are going to be included so it's not going to look like this - I was just playing with the editor but it shows the general idea of the scenario)

    • By Nay
      AD772 V3. Vikings

      Experience Early Middle Age -Age Between Savage and Civilization.
      Now it has some events. It is wip, but don't remove it - it does its job.
      Scenario file only - you dont need any custom civs or leaders pack.
      but you can download urban scenery addon if you want.
      -Scenario File
      download 1546082250680jchnkszz.zip and right click -and click extract to 1546082250680jchnkszz.
      Urban Scenery Addon For AD772

      How to install
      -go to game folder/UI/H/
      -backup terrain folder in H folder.
      -go to terrain folder and extract U.S.A.zip.
      I'll make this scenario a total conversion mod someday!!
      But I'll do it step by step.
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