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(饾樇饾檱饾檮饾檻饾檧) World+ Full Version (5204/11.000 Provinces)

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2 hours ago, King player said:

Guys, Kerem told me that this mod is dead and that he wants to focus on the other mods like Conquerors II. I ask him in private and he said that all the files of this mod has聽been deleted and he will not longer develop this. Truly sad news to hear. We will never see this mod in full.

Sad as faq but now it's only wishes for the Conquerors II pass this mod in perfection purposes ;-;

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can you make provinces that bulgaria got after the first balkan war? can you adjust the provinces so that it will be possible to make reichskommissairat ukraine, ostland, moskowein, and kaukauses? Also pls make some of the borders possible for the partition of poland according to the molotov-ribbentrop pact. Lastly, pls add more civilizations, specifically the walords and cliques during China's warlord era and stuff for the russian civil war, and maybe civilizations for alt histories like kaiserreich etc. I know I am asking for a lot, but aoc2 is a pretty plain game so I am really excited for this mod and the finished product.

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2 hours ago, Dev said:

Playing in europe all the time came become boring sometime

do you have the android link from which you installed this mod? if so, I would be very grateful to you because when I want to install this mod, it installs another mod "king of dynasty" and world+ is my favorite mod 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍

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  • Similar Content

    • By Ahinev
      Hello there! A few days ago i decided to make a map for this game that is bigger than vanilla but also looks like vanilla. So here i am with my plans right now. I'm open to suggestions!
      - Map will be focused on WW2 and Modern World
      - Currently drew 3003聽provinces (Each red mark is a province)

    • By RealJusDen
      Hello everyone. I need to tell you, what this mod:聽Game of Thrones Mod (Based on mod Addon 2.0) - Mods - Age of History Games (ageofcivilizationsgame.com)聽is dead.聽But I will make new Game of Thrones mod, what should be more cooler and reliable.聽When I was making old GoT mod, I was don`t know much about lore of GoT. It`s sad, what so much work is ended, but I promise, I will make way coller thing. Plus, it was my first mod and I did a lot of mistakes. Now, when I working on 10+ mods, I have good experience. I will do not add anything new to my old GoT mod. But if you wanna download old mod, here it is:聽https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Z1DeSEV7UPAuMbHS4pgM-nQAQc6W3P0Y/view?usp=sharing

      Now, I will start work on new GoT mod.

      Good luck everyone!
      (Also, if you wanna know, why I was so long offline, that`s because my country in real war. I`m in Ukraine)
    • By Italian PeC
      This is a new side project I made while working on Age of Imperialism (https://youtu.be/fK4vhQE35w4)聽
      It's a beta of a mod that focuses on Western Europe. And similarly to Bloody Europe, it adds a whole lot of new provinces, just a lot more and only for Western Europe.
      For now only France, Italy, Switzerland, Benelux, Southern England and Half of Germany are done, with 3400+ provinces in total! The main scenario is 1099: The First Crusade,聽 but the mod has many other scenarios.
      It adds 37 new formables, many of them new countries.聽
      Download link:

    • By HawkerSP
      Hello everyone

      This is basically a remake and submod of Fate of World R.E created by Kerems and his development team.

      This submod is focused in the XX and XXI century in which there will be many events and alternative history.


      - A lot of events
      - fixed scenarios
      - new music
      - 471 new provinces (4740 provinces in total)
      - new leaders
      - new scenarios with events
      - some cities renown
      -new icons
      -Focus trees
      -new civilizations
      -and more!

      Discord: https://discord.gg/snSvsxdHgt
      (Teasers, Achievements, Suggestions, bugs report a more in the discord)

      What's new?

      Version Alpha 0.0.1:
      鈥od released

      Version Alpha 0.0.2:
      鈥ixed Communist Ideology

      Version 1.0.0:
      聽鈥 Focus tree was added in the 1936 scenario to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan.
      聽鈥 The Second Pacific War was added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Peruvian victory in the northern war in "The Old Order" fixed
      聽鈥 Added an option to redraw France after the German victory over the United Kingdom
      聽鈥 Added new events for "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Central America was added in "The Old Order" and its civil war
      聽鈥 The southern war was added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Now like France you can ask for an armistice with Germany instead of being Free France
      聽鈥 New events for Germany in 1936
      聽鈥 New events in 1941 and 1942
      聽鈥 Added some hoi4 images for focus trees
      聽鈥 Events added for Chile, Argentina and Peru were added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 New fascist way for the United Kingdom on 1936 scenario
      聽鈥 New Reichskommissariats were added
      聽鈥 Added TNO civilizations
      聽鈥 New scenario: The New Order (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: The West Russian War (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: The Second West Russian War (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: 1939 with events
      聽鈥 Changed the name of Volgograd to Stalingrad
      聽鈥 The effects of land types were changed
      聽鈥 Soviet surrender was fixed in 1936
      聽鈥 Soviet surrender was added in 1941
      聽鈥 Added a new seabed in the map
      聽鈥 Fixed Zaolzie bug
      聽鈥 Japan was nerfed on the 1936 scenario
      聽鈥 The flag of the Iberian Union was changed
      聽鈥 The Spanish civil war was fixed
      聽鈥 New portrait for FDR
      聽鈥 New portrait for Benito Mussolini
      聽鈥 Fixed some cores
      聽鈥 Minor fixes
      聽鈥 Minor change to the UI on the PC version
      聽鈥ew icon for Mobile version
      聽鈥 Light optimization
      聽鈥 and more!

      Version 1.0.1 The Red Storm:
      聽鈥 More than 100 new events in 1936
      聽鈥 Full content for USA
      聽鈥 Complete content for the USSR
      聽鈥 UK Content
      聽鈥 Finished TNO scenarios
      聽鈥 Added leaders for the Reichskommisariats in Russia and some in Europe
      聽鈥 Many new Reichskommisariats
      聽鈥 Civilizations from the editor have been added to the game (can now be used in the editor in the Android version)
      聽鈥 Rework ideologies
      聽鈥 Many new civilizations
      聽鈥 Leaders for the Russian states in the TNO scenario added
      聽鈥 Rebellions in the Reichskommisariats in Russia in case of German Victory
      聽鈥 New scenarios: Viv茅 la France and The Red Storm
      聽鈥 New images for events
      聽鈥 Monarchical victory in the Spanish civil war added (Spanish Empire)
      聽鈥 Big nerf to Germany and Japan
      聽鈥 Strengthening of the USSR and China
      聽鈥 Changed the effects of terrain types
      聽鈥 Allied victory in WW2 was added (yes, there wasn't yet XD)
      聽鈥 The scenarios of 1939, 1941, 1942, 1836, 1792 and 1700 have been improved.
      聽鈥 New leaders
      聽鈥 Increased profits in 1936
      聽鈥 New music
      聽鈥 The events for the USA and the USSR will have an image and description
      聽鈥 Change in the flags of the Chinese states of 1936
      聽鈥 Now USA, UK and France will not lose millions of gold
      聽鈥 Now the USSR will not lose gold during the Barbarossa operation
      鈥 New Font
      鈥 Easter-egg
      聽鈥 Minor changes
      聽鈥 Bugs fixed

      Download links:

      PC (1.0.1):
      Android (1.0.1):

      聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽聽


      聽 聽 聽聽

    • By Italian PeC
      The B.C.E. Mod is a mod that focuses on the year 1000 BCE.聽
      Its still in beta but the download is already here, go to this video's description to download the mod:聽
      It ADDS:
      鈼 a new map
      鈼 over 1400 provinces
      鈼 100+ new nations
      鈼 Reformable uncivilized Tribes you can reform into normal kingdoms聽
      鈼 re-done ideologies
      鈼 new UI (on PC)
      鈼 new music (on android)
      鈼 historically accurate states

      If YOU are having issues downloading the mod, or want to show your campaigns with it, check the discord for help:聽https://discord.gg/B3BFQJAWPX
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