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(饾樇饾檱饾檮饾檻饾檧) World+ Full Version (5204/11.000 Provinces)

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On 03/11/2021 at 21:46, Dolphin General said:

imagine exames

get real

Dolphin memes

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I am excited for when the world map will be completed. when the map is completed and the mod works, can any other modder use the mod as basis for their mod if they want to use the world map?

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On 11/3/2021 at 9:46 PM, Dolphin General said:

imagine exams

get real (Austism Dolphin)

Vai regrar teus remedios de autismo, sinceramento sem .

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    • By Italian PeC
      The B.C.E. Mod is a mod that focuses on the year 1000 BCE.聽
      Its still in beta but the download is already here, go to this video's description to download the mod:聽
      It ADDS:
      鈼 a new map
      鈼 over 1400 provinces
      鈼 100+ new nations
      鈼 Reformable uncivilized Tribes you can reform into normal kingdoms聽
      鈼 re-done ideologies
      鈼 new UI (on PC)
      鈼 new music (on android)
      鈼 historically accurate states

      If YOU are having issues downloading the mod, or want to show your campaigns with it, check the discord for help:聽https://discord.gg/B3BFQJAWPX
    • By HawkerSP
      Hello everyone

      This is basically a remake and submod of Fate of World R.E created by Kerems and his development team.
      This submod is focused in the XX and XXI century in which there will be many events and alternative history.


      - A lot of events
      - fixed scenarios
      - new music
      - 471 new provinces (4740 provinces in total)
      - new leaders
      - new scenarios with events
      - some cities renown
      -new icons
      -Focus trees
      -new civilizations
      -and more!

      Discord: https://discord.gg/snSvsxdHgt
      (Teasers, Achievements, Suggestions, bugs report a more in the discord)
      What's new?

      Version 0.0.1:
      鈥od released

      Version Alpha 0.0.2:
      鈥ixed Communist Ideology

      Version 1.0.0:
      聽鈥 Focus tree was added in the 1936 scenario to the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Japan.
      聽鈥 The Second Pacific War was added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Peruvian victory in the northern war in "The Old Order" fixed
      聽鈥 Added an option to redraw France after the German victory over the United Kingdom
      聽鈥 Added new events for "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Central America was added in "The Old Order" and its civil war
      聽鈥 The southern war was added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 Now like France you can ask for an armistice with Germany instead of being Free France
      聽鈥 New events for Germany in 1936
      聽鈥 New events in 1941 and 1942
      聽鈥 Added some hoi4 images for focus trees
      聽鈥 Events added for Chile, Argentina and Peru were added in "The Old Order"
      聽鈥 New fascist way for the United Kingdom on 1936 scenario
      聽鈥 New Reichskommissariats were added
      聽鈥 Added TNO civilizations
      聽鈥 New scenario: The New Order (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: The West Russian War (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: The Second West Russian War (beta)
      聽鈥 New scenario: 1939 with events
      聽鈥 Changed the name of Volgograd to Stalingrad
      聽鈥 The effects of land types were changed
      聽鈥 Soviet surrender was fixed in 1936
      聽鈥 Soviet surrender was added in 1941
      聽鈥 Added a new seabed in the map
      聽鈥 Fixed Zaolzie bug
      聽鈥 Japan was nerfed on the 1936 scenario
      聽鈥 The flag of the Iberian Union was changed
      聽鈥 The Spanish civil war was fixed
      聽鈥 New portrait for FDR
      聽鈥 New portrait for Benito Mussolini
      聽鈥 Fixed some cores
      聽鈥 Minor fixes
      聽鈥 Minor change to the UI on the PC version
      聽鈥ew icon for Mobile version
      聽鈥 Light optimization
      聽鈥 and more!

      Download links:

      聽(1.0.0) PC:
      聽(1.0.0) Android:

      聽Why 1.0.0?

      聽-Because the mod is no longer in Alpha


      聽 聽 聽聽

    • By Prostik1
      Age of Gang - a mod created in honor of the GTA San Andreas game
      This mod has the following features:
      -聽Fictional ideologies of states
      -聽鈮1000 provinces on the map (this is only approximately, the mod is in the alpha test and it is not known how聽many聽provinces there will actually be).
      -聽New States(gangs)
      -聽New Fonts
      -聽Events on the history of GTA SA
      - Support for Russian and English languages
      -聽New formable states(gangs)
      -聽Other things

      Los Santos - 100%
      San Fierro - 100%
      Las Venturas - 100%
      Red County - 100%
      Bone County - 100%
      Flint County - 100%
      Whetstone - 100%
      Tierra Robada - 100%

    • By Resul Pasha
      Juven '' An advanced map of the middle east ''

      Let me tell you what's in Juven right away.
      A detailed realistic map,
      Higher quality scenarios and more scenarios,
      New ideologies,
      New civilizations,
      New leaders,
      New formable civilizations,
      Eye-catching icons,
      Nice background and more just wait.

      You can follow the developments here :聽https://discord.gg/4ZaH3aKvMY

      By @Resul Pasha聽and @urdekreiz

    • By Clashwithjhakas
      So , I had worked for almost 3 days and made 800AD scenario ! Hope you like the screenshots of the game. I still have to add more things to the scenario . I had added soo many new civilizations and still I haven't worked on Americas . This game also contains 4 more provinces that I had made for my personal use but I will give you the scenario with the 4 new provinces . I had also added some聽 civilizations for fun but they didnt change any much game experience . All the custom flags are not real . They are made by me .聽

      Tell me if you think that there are some issues in this scenario .
      I had taken inspiration from - HERE
      I will soon upload the scenario after completing Americas .

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