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I might consider releasing this mod in "builds", starting with the current version I have being Alpha Build 1. Then the version after that is Build 2, and then comes 3, 4, and so on.

The only problem with doing builds is that Android players would have to constantly redownload the mod just so that they'll always have the latest build. For PC players, I can just release the updated content by itself and have them patch their game. Piece of cake.

So if I do decide to start doing builds instead of a closed alpha/beta release, I'll most likely make them PC-only. Android players shouldn't have to struggle with always staying up-to-date. Unless they know how to properly modify the game files.

And I'd have to remove every reference to the actual mod name...

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When do you plan to get a Release date for this mod or just the beta. (By the way idk if beta comes after alpha or alpha comes after Beta.)

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I'm most likely going to require Android players to get permission to download the mod. This is because with Android, I have no choice but to send the mod as an extracted AoC2 app. This could get me into hot water with Łukasz, since it's basically like illegally distributing AoC2 for free.

So I'll have to make them show proof that they bought AoC2 on Google Play before I let them download the mod. At least I'll know that they legally own the game this mod is for. 

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Right. I think the closed alpha poll's gone on long enough, so I'll end it there. We got 44 yes votes and 14 no votes. So I'll start picking people on my Discord for the closed alpha tomorrow, if not now.

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Here's what you can expect with the Project Imperator open alpha (compared to the closed alpha):
• Bug fixes for China
• New decisions for France and Brazil
• A brand new "nighttime" map background
• Updates until the main story goes past 2030

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On 6/9/2020 at 7:21 AM, Chairman Baad said:

Also no more Abyssinia forming in every single playthrough. Ethiopia has to work for that now.

If you use addon+ then that's not really an issue. 

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    • By Keshav123
      I have been working on Indian Map of 2020 , It will contain festivals/events and every state's governor and every states relations with other ones , some of the districts have been added to India frictionally by me only . Note the map is not 100% correct / accurate . 
      NOTE -  90% of all the flags are frictional . 
      Edit - The files are lost , you should use this map made by me - 
      Because this id was lost by mistake so I made another id and made the map again .

    • By Chairman Baad
      ❄️ THIS MOD IS FROZEN! ❄️
      I don't have time to develop this mod anymore, so consider it frozen until another time.
      I will NOT allow unofficial updates OR the use of TCBC content in any other mod. This is the Chairman Baad Collection, not the Someone Else Collection.
      Oh, and the "last update" I mentioned is cancelled.

      This is my personal AoH2 mod featuring all of my previous scenarios and custom civs, and then some. This mod started off small and is constantly growing with updates and patches.
      TCBC currently includes:
      28 new scenarios (including 7 for the AoH1 map and 1 for the Europe map) 37 government types (including vanilla gov types) Some compatibility with vanilla scenarios Nighttime map (PC only) New flag overlays Multiple fonts to choose from (English only) Enhanced localization Some new sounds Miscellaneous improvements and enhancements Pop Culture Deluxe, a mini-mod that adds 7 new scenarios based around pop culture This mod's default language is U.S. English. It is also available in several other languages thanks to our helpful volunteers.
      (Soundtrack comes in .zip for PC players and .obb for Android players)
      Current version: 1.1.0a / 15 December 2020
      A note for PC users: It's best to uninstall any previous versions of TCBC before installing the latest one to clear out unused files.
      Development Tracker + My Other Projects - Localization Contributor Form - My Discord - The Chairman Baad Collective
      Do you have a mod that you just can't continue to develop? I'd be happy to continue it as part of TCBC! Just let me know and we can talk about it and reach a deal together!
      Full Credits List:
      @Chairman Baad (lead developer and flag designer)
      Wikimedia Commons (icons and event pictures)
      Lukasz Jakowski, Chexier, King George, and Mavroslykos (all content from vanilla AoH2)
      @LightStarSkies (Spanish localization)
      SM-SPARTAN (Brazilian Portuguese localization)
      @Adil (Russian localization)
      @Ern and Vaux (Turkish localization)
      @setapdede (Romanian localization)
      @Commieslav (Serbo-Croat-Bosnian localization)
    • By Chairman Baad
      TCBC Localization Contributor Form
      Please answer these questions in order to become a Localization Contributor.
      Which language will you be localizing for? You are free to choose a language that is already being localized. Are you a member of my Discord server, The Chairman's World? I have a special channel for translators to receive updates and notices. In a private message, please send me your Gmail address. I need your Gmail in order to unlock the localization sheet for you.
    • By Chairman Baad
      This is the legacy version of this scenario for vanilla AoH2. All future updates to this scenario will be featured in The Chairman Baad Collection.

      Long ago, the heavenly kingdom of Chromatia sent 16 million people to establish governments and nations on Earth. Each nation had a specific national color, and nations with similar colors formed "realms". 1,266 years later, the nations began seeking to expand their "realm" across the entire world...

      The Colorful World is a scenario where all the nations and factions are based on colors.
      This scenario was made in Project Imperator, but you don't need it to play this.

      This scenario currently contains 32 nations. Updates are planned, but won't come out very often.
      Recent Updates
      1.1: Added the orange, purple, pink, and brown realms. 1.0: Created the scenario! Planned Updates
      Create new nations for all the realms Events? The Colorful World.zip
    • By setapdede
      Ideologies+ 2 is going to be a mod which will add more ideologies in the game and also a continuation of the original Ideologies+. @pythx also helped me at this mod with some things : )
      Planned stuff
      Splitting the Monarchy ideology into Kingdom, Empire, Duchy, etc Adding most of the idoologies provided by this website: http://quick-facts.co.uk/politics/ideologies.html Hopfully reaching the original goal of the original Ideologies+: Making for each ideology and each country a flag (unless similarities) (IMPOSSIBLE, i will reskin only the ones that mater and requests) Crossed means that it is done
      Current Ideologies
      Democracy Republic Federation United States Feminism Authoritarianism Nationalism Commonwealth Dominion (aka British Colony) Kingdom Empire Duchy Principality Sultanate Emirate Tsardom Absolutist Kingdom Absolutist Empire Other Monarchy Neutral Communism Socialism Theocracy Fascism Radical Feminism National Socialism Horde City State Tribal Military Junta Anarchism Rebels  
      Note: There will be no Beta/Alpha releases only Full Releases since it is instabille for now
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