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    • By MohammadAmin EP
      This scenario shows world between 620-610 BC when Medes and Babylonia make a coalition against Assyria and its puppet states.
      Deioces finally has been united most of Iran in order to crush  Assyria. Can you restore medes Empire too?
      This map is in Asia Scenarios.

      rise of Deioces(Medes).rar
    • By Tryington
      Rise of the Roman Kingdom (753BC)
      -This scenario does NOT contain events.
      -Flags and Civilizations might be wrong.

      Rise of the Roman Kingdom.rar
    • By Xjento
      This is a new project(again)by me.
      I wanted to make a mod about empires rising and falling.
      Mine main focus is Rome.
      For the release i want the create the rise of Rome,Macedonia
    • By Noobs Dudes
      My god this took too damn long. So first I took out Austria, then Yugoslavia invaded me. Next I puppeted a few countries. Then, invaded France. After that, I invaded Spain with some success, but in the end I just puppeted them when I had the score, then I demanded to annex them. Then, I lucky managed to puppet the UK. Lastly, I invaded the Soviet Union, which was a major pain but in the end, it all worked out.

    • By maxong10
      Привеnствую всех любителей Возраст истории II и просто людей, которые совершенно случайно попали на эту страницу.
      По ка что это только скриншоты и видео грядущего проекта по которому можно сказать обсольтно всё о состоянии моды на данный момент.
      Если будет много активности это предаст мне мотивации для продолжения работы над модом.

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