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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Lucas L
      I made a little scenario about 260 BC in the Western Mediterranean Sea.At this time,two civilizations begin to compete to have the predomination in the Mediterrean Sea...
      About tecnology:The two civilizations have the standard tecnology level,0.45.
      I can't share a link because I'm from android (I'm waiting for Workshop) but I share some photos with you:
      Release:Waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Alexander The Great
      It's a little map but funny at the same time.
      I hope you enjoy 👍  

    • By Basilio Paleologo
      I made a Some ancient Korean new flags. What do you think?






      Jin (Korea)

      Some ancient Korean new flags.zip
    • By Beter Griffin
      December 22, 2050, a cold winter day, the very peak of human civilization for centuries to come. But then at 15:30 UTC, tensions over the recent Russian invasion of the Baltics the day before caused NATO to declare war on Russia when Narva fell, Russian predident Alexander Vykov earlier that day warned of 'nuclear interventon' if NATO went to war, but at about 15:51, Russia deployed the nukes, causing America to do the same a few minutes later. by about 17:30, the last nukes hit and the governments hid in bunkers. 300 million died that day. And the nuclear winter and fallout caused 5 billion more to die and for the entire planet to collapse. It wasn't until the mid 2060s that people started getting out of their bunkers and creating new civilizations. the former nations left their bunkers but all but a few were quickly overwhelmed by local powers. by 2120, society was starting to normalize. As usual, many countries went to war. humanity was set back to the industrial age. some former US state governments managed to survive and declare independence. Who will you pick to lead out of the dark age?

      Middle east and North africa

      South asia


      Eastern North America

      Link to deeper lore coming soon...
      Note that you will need WinRAR because I can't convert it into .zip
      Extract postapocalypse2120 into map/Earth/scenarios
      Extract civilizations_editor into game/civilizations_editor
      Extract leaders into game/leaders
      Might update soon! :)
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