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Age of Civilizations
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    • By Lucas L
      I made a little scenario about year 260 BC in the Western Mediterranean Sea. On this age, two civilizations began to compete to have the predominate in the Mediterranean Sea...
      About technology: the two civilizations have the standard technology level, 0,45.
      I can't share a link because I'm from android (I'm waiting for Workshop) but I can share some photos with you:
      Release: waiting for Workshop...
      Thank you for reading!
    • By Co_sie_to_opchodzi
      Hmm what if Western Europe moved to 140 BC?
      Stupid idea! West conquers the world. Boredom!
      The West Moves to 140 BC but the technology has been adapted to the era!

      And what is in the game?

      This scenario contains events!

      You can also protect Europe from the invasion of huns!

      Plans for the future
      events for every Western European country events "first Christianity vs modern Christianity" rebuilding the Macedonian Empire events "Era of Vikings" beter caucasus Do you have idea for the sceanrio development? Please write!
      You found a mistake! Please write!
      Downland ↓
      What if Western Europe moved to 140 BC.zip
    • By Hurtlyz
      This is a mod contains the fall of Rome. It is simple mod. The Visighots,Alamans, Goths etc.
      I will add events one by one. Follow this mode for updates.


    • By hamhacker_exe
      What if Roman Empire colonize Amerika?
      join HG chat if you want send suggestions or help 😉 
      Click this link if you want join
      AOC MAP.zip
    • By JPM-Stalin
      Time of Civilizations-Topic
      ToC is a great scenario that is being developed by JPM. In one single stage will be the whole History of Human Civilization. From the dawn of civilization through empires that rise and fall, to today and the tomorrow.
      Next Features
      Many Events, Historical ones, even diferent paths for some special nations. New Civilizations. A new system made by events, where you can change your nation every 100 Years if you want. A new system aganist Overexpansion but without limiting you to play. Progress
      Working in the Demo, based on Mesopotamia, where you will see Hordes and how Empires are created and fall.  This means that we will have new Civilizations inside the Game. MESOPOTAMIA EDITION (Without Events) OUT
      In this Small Scenario, you can play in 1500BCE in the Middle East. From the Hittites to Egypt. There is a HRE, "Mesopotamia" where you can try to be the Emperor of the Entire Middle East. Also it has some minor Nations which could be very hard to play. But well, you decide with who you are going to play. 😁
      ToC-Mesopotamia Edition without Events by JPM.zip
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