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Age of Civilizations

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    • By IlanFX
      The world has entered a new era...a very deathful one. Hitler achived his goal by conquering Europe and making germany to a world domination.  Will the soviet union Save the world? Japan is collapsing from the amout of Land they have. Will the people revolt? The world is on the break of collapse, will you save the world? Or you will let it to burn.... you will rule your nation how you want!
      V.1:  More events, nations, formable nations and germany bug fix
      V.2: Asia Overhaul, Japan Bug fixed the american and russian civil war were removed (because they were broken i might add it soon tho)

    • By Rivinick
      In the image its possible to see all the civilizations 

    • By Murat Ocak(TR)
      Irk Ülkeleri Yaptım
      Senaryo için - https://yadi.sk/d/gYAmmVJN5IXu6A

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