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Age of Civilizations

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Before anything i say that i have a bad english, and it's my first project here, so you can see some errors in ortography and in the scenario. You guys can send me suggestions and constructive reviews. THE SCENARIO NEEDS ADDON+ MOD

Project 7th of April is, in one sentence, an Kaiserreich but Brazil is a superpower.

As a nationalist brazilian, i was thinking in one alternate history where Brazil becomes a superpower, the country have everything to be, resources, manpower,  territory, etc. and in almost all AoC scenarios South America is literally forget. This was the start of Project 7th of April. below there's an history of the scenario.

South America: After the defeat of Argentina by brazilian forces, the Empire of Brazil take the provinces of MIssiones and most of Corrientes, by 1851. Like in our timeline, the uruguayan civil war was won by the Colorado Party, a ally of Brazil. this makes Paraguay became triggered, and in 1863 it invades Brazil, but Argentina doesn't enter in the war, instead of it, Bolivia does. the war ends in the middle of 1869, with the Brazilian Victory. Paraguay was divided between Brazil and Bolivia, who now are allies. the war of pacific is won by Bolivia and Peru, with support of Brazil, after the war, was created the South American Co-Prosperity Sphere (too original bruh). in 1890~ Brazil wins a war against Venezuela and takes a part of it. Colombia sells a piece of it's amazon to Brazil.

Europe: It is everything like in our timeline, the only changes starts in the start of ww1, who will have a own part.

North America: USA and Mexico starts a war in 1880~, at the end USA wins and take all of the Baja California.

WW1: Anything like our timeline, until 1915: the Central Powers  succesfully invades Serbia and after it, they make an decisive battle in Italy, who makes it unable to launch a new attack, turning then dependent of France and UK. in later 1916, the Russian Revolution occurs and Russia need to get out of the war, so the central powers moves it's troops to fight the british in Middle East and the Entente in the west. Japan takes islands of Germany, but it can't keep it, due to an Central Powers imminent victory. Brazil enters in the war on Central Powers side, making a invasion of French Guyana, sending supplies to Germany and fighting naval battles with the UK, it also invades the British Guyana, but it becames independent in 1923. eventually in 1917 the Germans enter in Paris, France try to resist, but it can't attack anymore and it's totally exausted, so they need to Surrender. Britain, alone against Brazil, Germany, Ottomans, Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria, needs to surrender. 

Post WW1: Russia, France and Britain fight civil wars against syndicalist and socialists, but the nationalists wins in all theses.

1936, when the scenario starts: Brazil and USA fight a economic war, in Europe Germany and Mitteleuropa rules the continent, but France, UK and Russia starts to rearm. in Middle East the ottomans takes large portions of the Middle East, but it makes them too instable. The Japan's enemy isn't China or USA, but Germany. what will happen next?


Features of Scenario: a balance of the great powers of the time, events (idk how many i'll do, i can't even say if the Project will continue.), Cores and precises diplomatic situations.

Download (0.1)

Project 7th of April.rar

Download (0.2)

things added:

-Capital of Italy is now Rome (before it wasn't, sorry for this dumb mistake)

-First events (Most of them focused on the Americas, but later i'll make more for Europe)

-First diplomacies for some countries

-Some new cores

Project 7th of April 0.2.rar

Download (0.2.5)

things added:

-More events

-Some diplomacy changes

-Armies, with differents numbers from country to country, like divisions.

-Small changes in Tecnology (HDI)

Project 7th of April 0.2.5.rar

Download (0.3)

things added:

-some events for minor countries and Russia

-small changes in diplomacy

-first events of the Second Great War 

Project 7th of April 0.3.rar

The next version will be probably the final one, i would try to add events who appear when you capture a major city, but sadly the trigger of control provinces doesn't work. But, in the future i can make a new alternates scenarios, with more events and try to don't have big errors.


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7 hours ago, A Brazilian Brother said:

definitely not, i don't hate any country in Latin America, it's only an Alternate History, please don't take it seriously

Dont Worry, i dont take it seriously. It's was a (Bad) joke Hermano!


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Hey. I was thinking. In this alternative world you present, the most probability is that Argentine ends in a revolution or a civil war of anarchist (Maybe Radical Socialism in a mechanical level?) against the military, most probably is that the goverment is a dictatorship (Military Junta).

Is only a idea, what do you think?


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