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Posted (edited)
57 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

Hmm, sì, pensiamo di risolvere il problema per risolvere alcuni problemi e scenari, possiamo aggiungerlo.


I have a bug, the game when I open with the mod freezes 50% and turns off ūüėě

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5 hours ago, Duchy of Darkis and Fungus said:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but there will always be people that get easily offended and do unreasonable things.

I understood you. You don't like Turks and you don't have any excuse, that is why you are writing stupid comments

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2 minutes ago, Duchy of Darkis and Fungus said:

You avoided the question. The UI for Addon+ was available way before 2.0. Came out during 1.3.

I am don't avoided the question
I didn't know it was previously added to Addon 1.3
I didn't steal anything from the Addon
Making a gray UI doesn't mean stealing anything from the Addon
gray does not belong to them

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Posted (edited)
3 minutes ago, Duchy of Darkis and Fungus said:

Sadece git Kerem'e s√∂yle, kendisiyle hi√ßbir ilgisi olmayan dińüer konulardaki insanlarńĪn cevaplarńĪndan hoŇülanmamasńĪnńĪ / ondan bahsetme tamam mńĪ? √áevirmen btw kullanńĪyorum.

I'm not a postman, he might take care.
and you don't need to use translate

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Posted (edited)

Can you add Scar Nicolas l? For a scenario where Tsar Nicolas survives his execution. Based on Monsieur Z's video. Also sub to him, he makes cool vids.

*not a sponcer*

Edited by Clonemanda1st

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Posted (edited)
2 minutes ago, Duchy of Darkis and Fungus said:

Still being offended dude.

Man, I am not an idiot. I can understand what you want say ūüėĄ¬†its too open. I wont give answer from now on, i dont wanna sully the topic. have a bad night.

Edited by Kerems2434

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2 hours ago, Clonemanda1st said:

Can you add Scar Nicolas l? For a scenario where Tsar Nicolas survives his execution. Based on Monsieur Z's video. Also sub to him, he makes cool vids.

*not a sponcer*

Thanks for the idea! I will look at it! 

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43 minutes ago, Kerems2434 said:

Thanks for the idea! I will look at it! 

A*ńĪnakoyim adama biraz hak verdim √ßnk√ľ aynńĪ ŇüakayńĪ ben arkadaŇülarńĪmada yaptńĪydńĪm ūüėß

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    • By Cautan
      Hola Comunidad les traigo un gobierno llamado Nacional Bolchevismo
                  Nombre: "national_bolshevism",
                  Extra_Tag: "nb",
                  GOV_GROUP_ID: 2,
                  ACEPTABLE_TAXATION: 0,31,
                  MIN_GOODS: 0,15,
                  MIN_INVESTMENTS: 0,13,
                  RESEARCH_COST: 1,0,
                  INCOME_TAXATION: 1,03,
                  INCOME_PRODUCTION : 1,09,
                  MILITARY_UPKEEP: 0,99,
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST: 1,0, que
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST_DISTANCE: 1,1,
                  ADMINISTRATION_COST_CAPITAL: 0,5,
                  COST_OF_MOVE: 7
                  COST_OF_MOVE_TO_THE_SAME_PROV_FOST_V: 2
                  COST_OF_RECRUIT: 18,
                  COST_OF_DISBAND: 18,
                  COST_OF_PLUNDER: 6,
                  DEFENSE_BONUS: 6,
                  CAN_BECOME_CIVILIZED: -1,
                  CIVILIZE_TECH_LEVEL: 2.0f,
                  AVAILABLE_SINCE_AGE_ID: 1,
                  REVOLUTIONARY: false,
                  AI_TYPE: "fascismo",
                  R: 100,
                  G: 18,
                  B: 100
      Este es el Primer Gobierno que e creado pronto subiré algunas banderas

    • By Diego
      VENI VIDI VICI, a mod designed to bring the Paradox experience to Age of Civilizations. 
      a whole lot of civs NEW LEADERS!! Better than the base map Improved UI JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hymrDTj
      Base Imperator EU4 map Omniluxia The Bronze Age Gladio et Sale+base map Greater Earth Project Earth Mundus Poenicus (smoler) GOVERNMENTS 
      Democratic Republic  Aristocratic Republic  Oligarchic Republic  Plutocratic Republic  Theocratic Republic Athenian Republic Autocratic Monarchy  Aristocratic Monarchy   Stratocratic Monarchy  Theocratic Monarchy  Plutocratic Monarchy Dictatorship Empire Imperial Cult Migratory Tribe  Settled Tribe  Federated Tribe and more!... PLANNED SCENARIOS (for the imperator base map)
      Imperator (just the base map, no events) Imperator+ (base map + events) The Bronze Age  Gladio Et Sale Light 559 BC 1204 Pyrrhic War First Punic War Second Punic War Caesar's Civil War Alexander's Campaigns Modern Day?? CREDITS:
      The amazing people at the mod teams that let me recreate their mods in this game
      Gladio Et Sale mod team
      Omniluxia mod team
      Bronze Age mod team
      A Broken World mod team
    • By CassalettIV
      Proyecto Historia del Sur
      Historia del Sur es un proyecto en desarrollo,¬†un escenario que toma lugar en los a√Īos 1950 en Sudam√©rica, en pleno ascenso de la Guerra Fr√≠a.
      El proyecto tiene como enfoque sacar provecho de todas las herramientas que trae el editor y el juego, y a la vez, ser un escenario simple, es decir, que puedas jugar con tus mods favoritos sin que haga conflicto con éstos.
      Características principales del mod:
      - Muchos eventos: el escenario contará con lineas de eventos para todas las naciones de Sudamérica, tanto históricas como alternativas, de modo que puedas escribir una Historia diferente en cada partida.
      - Reducci√≥n de guerras y enfoque en econom√≠a y gesti√≥n:¬†AoC2 es un juego de conquista, pero gracias a eventos, se puede desviar un poco este aspecto y centrarse en otros aspectos propios de la Guerra Fr√≠a, como la diplomacia y la econom√≠a. Las naciones no se declarar√°n guerras injustificadas apenas empezando la partida y si t√ļ lo haces, habr√°n consecuencias graves, as√≠ que aseg√ļrate de que tu pueblo apoyar√° tus campa√Īas.
      -Cambios de ideología y sistema de guerras civiles: gracias a un nuevo sistema hecho con eventos, los cambios de ideología y gobierno no se realizarán simplemente presionando un botón, sino que tendrás que ganar guerras civiles, golpes de estado, o esperar a las elecciones. Algunas ideologías llevan a resultados muy interesantes, haciendo de este aspecto algo importante en el escenario.
      -L√≠neas hist√≥ricas y alternativas:¬†cada partida ser√° una experiencia nueva ya que¬†tanto t√ļ como la computadora¬†pueden elegir entre decisiones hist√≥ricas o alternativas en los eventos. Crea una nueva Historia de la Guerra Fr√≠a en el continente, en cada partida.
      Progreso del mod: el mod está en desarrollo y las actualizaciones se publican en formas de "diarios del desarrollador", así que estate atento de las respuestas de este post para ver los avances del proyecto.
      ¬ŅQuieres ayudar? ¬°El proyecto necesita una mano!¬†
      Si tienes experiencia utilizando los editores, eres bueno haciendo historias alternativas, o conoces de la historia de tu país durante este período, apreciaría mucho tu ayuda. Puedes contactarme por privado o házmelo saber en las respuestas. La comunidad hispana de AoC2 puede hacer uno de los mejores mods que haya visto el juego!

    • By setapdede
      Ideologies+ 2 is going to be a mod which will add more ideologies in the game and also a continuation of the original Ideologies+. @pythx also helped me at this mod with some things : )
      Planned stuff
      Splitting the Monarchy ideology into Kingdom, Empire, Duchy, etc Adding most of the idoologies provided by this website: http://quick-facts.co.uk/politics/ideologies.html Hopfully reaching the original goal of the original Ideologies+: Making for each ideology and each country a flag (unless similarities) (IMPOSSIBLE, i will reskin only the ones that mater and requests) Crossed means that it is done
      Current Ideologies
      Democracy Republic Federation United States Feminism Authoritarianism Nationalism Commonwealth Dominion (aka British Colony) Kingdom Empire Duchy Principality Sultanate Emirate Tsardom Absolutist Kingdom Absolutist Empire Other Monarchy Neutral Communism Socialism Theocracy Fascism Radical Feminism National Socialism Horde City State Tribal Military Junta Anarchism Rebels Estimated Release Date: 2021.
      Note: There will be no Beta/Alpha releases only Full Releases since it is instabille for now
    • By Sarekreiz
      Hi! My friend and I have started working on a modification for Age of Civilizations II. DOWNLOAD: Pre-Beta 1 (Windows) Pre-Beta 2 (Windows) Coming soon! (Android) PRE-BETA 2: -NEW FLAG TEXTURES -NEW GOVERNMENTS (NATIONALISM, SOCIALISM, SYDICALISM) -NEW CIVILIZATIONS -RENEWED INTERFACE -BONUS! Prussian Monarchy government! DOWNLOAD TUTORIAL: 1. Open Steam library 2. Right-click in the table on the left on "Age of Civilizations II" 3. Select the "Management" categories, then click "Browse Local Files" 4. Download the file from the link in WinRar or ZIP format
      5. Replace the game files with the contents of the folder "Age Of Civilizations II", which is in the WinRar archive.
      6. Done!
      Special thanks to: -Leeb
      -Boxin HD Mapping
      And you!
      The mod will include: -New goverment types:
      ‚Ä£Radical Nationalism
      ‚Ä£National Catholicism
      ‚Ä£National Socialism
      ‚Ä£National Solidarism
      ‚Ä£National Bolshevikism
      ‚Ä£Parliamentary Monarchy
      ‚Ä£Military Junta
      ‚Ä£Absolute Monarchy (Monarchy)
      ‚Ä£Prussian Monarchy
      -New HUGE world map!
      -Some new music:
      ‚Ä£SzarŇľa Jazdy Polskiej
      ‚Ä£Hussar march
      ‚Ä£Soviet march
      ‚Ä£Vapaussoturin Valloituslaulu
      ‚Ä£Njet Molotoff
      ‚Ä£Sakkijarven Pollka
      ‚Ä£Kevin MacLeod - Corruption
      -Renewed sounds
      -TONS of scenarios
      The best asset of this mod are TONS OF PROVINCES. The mod provides enjoyment
      when building scenarios, you play with the country of
      your choice, or you play with ideologies! :)
      Mod creators:
      -Sarekreiz (Sounds, UI,  Music, Maps, Ideologies)
      -Boxin HD Mapping (Flags, Textures)
      Official release announcement: Early 2021
      All likes motivate us to work!

      Official realese date:
      2 0 2 1
      First beta realese date: In this month

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