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Age of Civilizations

A province map of Europe (Work in Progress)

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Posted (edited)

I'm working on a province map here.


This map will include historical borders and correct state boundaries from the wiki. This Province map has an equirectangular projection. When i finished this province map i will start a challange and i look for a aoc2 mapper. Because i dont have a computer...


This map's resolution is 9711 x 9461.

Original picture:


(This picture is just preview)

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Posted (edited)

I work on this map but i dont have a computer.so when this map finished i look for a aoc2 mapper.

3 hours ago, Tinu2048 said:
3 hours ago, Tinu2048 said:

How many provinces will be?


I dont know but will be true borders since 19th century.

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On 24.07.2020 at 05:34, Ànex i Rux said:

vay bu iyiymiş.

Ayrıca haritanızın yatılılara omniatlas.com'u tavsiye ederim, bu web sitesi tüm internetin daha doğru haritalarına sahiptir 😉

Thank you

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16 hours ago, Ànex i Rux said:

Bunu nasıl yapıyorsun? çok güzel görünüyor ...

I'm just drawing the water boundaries blue. I will draw the boundaries since the 19th century from wikipedia.

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