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Age of Civilizations

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Do you have a plan of formable civiilization for china? 


Any states province----->China--------->Chinese Empire---------->East Asian Empire------> Asian Empire-----> Eurasian Empire

Manchu states----->Manchu--------->Qing(康熙帝)------>Qing (乾隆帝)-------->Chinese Empire---- - - -

Mongol----->Mongol Empire------->Asian Empire---- - - -


Korean states---->Korea(高麗)---->Korea(李氏朝鮮)

                L----------->Korea<----------------North/South Korea

                                     L---------------->Korean Empire(include Manchu,Korea&(Japan))----------->East Asian Empire--- - - -

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41 minutes ago, orcacraft888 said:

I have other suggestion

archiduke of austria → austrian empire → austria-hungary ← great austria (austria + south tirol and trieste + eslovenia + dalmatia) ← austria

Hmm, you can see an introduction video about that in my channel in a few days 😄 

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16 minutes ago, JayJay said:

I want to download it, but I don't know how I can do that. Can anybody help me out please? 


It's not out yet bro when it's out there will be a link.

Edited by Pal

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