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Age of Civilizations
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Can’t update...

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I bought the game and it downloaded fine on my tablet and works fine too.  I have sent pictures and made videos proving that.  Yet a week after I bought it, Google Play decided it is no longer compatible with it.  I have been stuck with APKs to update.  Lukasz, you talked to me on Twitter, but that was a while ago now and I still can’t update normally.  Please help!


My device is a Packard Bell model PB1009 designed by Southern Telecom.  If that helps.

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7 hours ago, Slavic Comrade said:

reinstall game

If I do I lose the Small Earth Project, Helden der Welt, and multiple other things.  Also Google called it non compatible with the next update.  I have been able to update with ---'s but they are hard to find.  So uninstalling won't fix it.

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