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Age of Civilizations

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Hi! My friend and I have started working on a modification for Age of Civilizations II.
Pre-Beta 1 (Windows)
Pre-Beta 2 (Windows) Realese date: 25th October 2020
Coming soon! (Android)

-BONUS! Prussian Monarchy government!

1. Open Steam library
2. Right-click in the table on the left on "Age of Civilizations II"
3. Select the "Management" categories, then click "Browse Local Files"

4. Download the file from the link in WinRar or ZIP format

5. Replace the game files with the contents of the folder "Age Of Civilizations II", which is in the WinRar archive.

6. Done!

Special thanks to:


-Boxin HD Mapping



And you!

The mod will include:

-New goverment types:



‣Radical Nationalism

‣National Catholicism

‣National Socialism

‣National Solidarism


‣National Bolshevikism



‣Parliamentary Monarchy


‣Military Junta

‣Absolute Monarchy (Monarchy)






‣Prussian Monarchy


-New HUGE world map!

-Some new music:

‣Szarża Jazdy Polskiej

‣Hussar march

‣Soviet march

‣Vapaussoturin Valloituslaulu

‣Njet Molotoff

‣Sakkijarven Pollka


‣Kevin MacLeod - Corruption


-Renewed sounds

-TONS of scenarios

The best asset of this mod are TONS OF PROVINCES. The mod provides enjoyment

when building scenarios, you play with the country of

your choice, or you play with ideologies! :)

Mod creators:

-Sarekreiz (Sounds, UI,  Music, Maps, Ideologies)

-Boxin HD Mapping (Flags, Textures)


Official release announcement: Early 2021


All likes motivate us to work!


Official realese date:

2 0 2 1

First beta realese date: In this month



Edited by Sarekreiz
Mistake (Catholic Nationalism = National Catholicism)

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4 hours ago, guacamole IS glue said:

will this be a world map?

No, europe. Which does not exclude the base map from the game. There will also be a map of the Mediterranean and parts of Asia.

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32 minutes ago, SorenOlesen1432 said:

If you want any flag ideas I can send you them on discord or somewhere else of your choosing

Sure! My discord name and tag: Sarekreiz-Kuyavian#2916

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      Standard Civilization Flag
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      Monarchy = Sulist Empire (Reichsführer Rafael Alecio / Rafael I)
      Communism = Sulist People's Republic (Gleisi Hoffman)
      Fascism = Sulist Reich (Reichsführer Rafael Alecio)
      Republic = Sulist Confederation (Emílio Glienke)
      Horde = Sulist State (Unknown)
      Tribal = Guarani Confederation (Ladio Verón, the indigenous leader)
      Governments (From my customized AoC):
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      Monarchy = Sulist Empire (Reichsführer Rafael Alecio / Rafael I)
      Anarchy = Gaucho's Anarchist Federation (Unknown)
      Totalism = Sulist State (Unknown)
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      I will make the download available soon, I don’t know much about downloading
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