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Age of Civilizations

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Some of my province economy's wont grow past 99 no matter what i do and no matter how much workshops, farms, research, money and population growth i advance in these provinces they won't grow past 99 is this a bug or am I just missing something plus my game tends to crash and start calling different districts after my nation even when they are miles away please help 

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I just started noticing that issue too, and some of my provinces would actually start losing economy points even though my economic slider is set to positive growth.

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It's not only that my game goes mental and starts auto saving every turn, if some one calls me its completely destroys my game and it always gets buggy about 880 turns once im past that marker it starts going haywire and refusing to save i was at turn 995 saved it shut down ap by exiti g the right way and when i went back in to continue the game said i was back at 880 

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Guest JamonSerrano

Same here. Really annoying. Can't find solution anywhere. I'm really keen on this game, but have to give it up if it stays like that.

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You can abandon the province and re-colonize it. Invest in it as soon as you colonize it. It should begin new economic growth.

Only downside is that abandoning a province cut its population by 75%. My 30,000 pop city that never grew any economy dropped to 7,000 after I re-colonized it. 😕

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