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On 11/3/2020 at 10:57 PM, ivr17 said:

Developement progress: 56%


Advanced Vanilla - is a mod that develops the idea of original game many times, without changing its basic principle.


  • ~60 new detalized historical scenarios for each period of human statehood;
  • A huge number of new formable states;
  • A large number of new provinces;
  • Many new cities;
  • Over 1000 new states;
  • 7 new harmoniously fitting types of goverments;
  • New aesthetic fonts;
  • Other stuff.

More news and information in our group

Full release is planned in first half of 2021 year







Как же хорошо наблюдать за развитием твоего мода.

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Ideologies you should add

Orwellianism- 1984 governments

Strasserism- National-socialism but actually socialist

Esoteric fascism- Fascism but with wacky pagans

Futurism- Fascism but with homoerotic and drug addict characteristics

Stalinism- No need to explain this one

Maoism- Chinese discount stalinism

Egosim- Individualism taken way too far 

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Сделайте что-бы за Великобританию можно воссоздать:Великобританскую империю. Туда входят земли всех колоний которые были у нее. 


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