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  1. Pirsicola Tortellini

    Pirsicola Tortellini

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    • By ThisIsADisplayName
      Age of Anime is a mod that changes every leaders portrait including the ones that dont have a portrait or a leader and some other UI Elements and changes it with anime!
      Completed Scenarios :
      - Modern World : Complete !
      - World War II : Complete !
      - Victorian Era : Complete !
      - 1440 : Will Come In V2
      DOWNLOAD LINK : Mediafire
      the mod should work with other mods (tested with addon+)
      and we're planning to add the portraits of every single civilization in the game so stay tuned!
      Update Log :
      - Victorian Era Scenario Is Completely Finished

    • By FuseSelf555
      Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rsk61z3y7r758cb/First_leader_of_Bulgaria.rar/file
      Leader Code: 1598445605965uyeslyfb

    • By FuseSelf555
      Leaders code: 1592110192863arbvdtok
      His name is Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
      Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jey3y4w3xbqopss/President_of_Kazakhstan.rar/file
    • By ryu
      This mod has a new portrait and a portrait background. For example, Stalin's portrait is this.
      The current version contains eight new portraits. 
      ★Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)
      ★Franklin D. Roosevelt (United States)
      ★Winston Churchill (United Kingdom)
      ★Adolf Hitler (Nazi Germany)
      ★Emperor Hirohito (Japanese Empire)
      ★chiang kai-shek (Republic Of China)
      ★Benito Mussolini (Kingdom Of Italy)
      ★Mao Zedong (People's Republic Of China)
    • By Kay Reh
      Hey guys if anyone no how to add leader and flag can you tell me step by step cause I watch the YouTube YouTube and they very fast or Can't explain good even if I watch step by step it's hard to understand and see without good explanation. If there a easy Way I want the easy way it keep always showing me this ? Question thing and I couldn't see the leader ';(
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