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Chairman Baad


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1 hour ago, RyanOrleansII said:

You'll end the cities? After the 1.0 update there are still a lot of cities lacking and some are out of place


42 minutes ago, SomeRandomBaconBoy said:

awesome man. can you fix city placing and add city names to the large map. also more formables for some countries and fixing some borders would be super cool to see. im hyped for the new update


I don't know. I'll see what needs fixing in terms of the cities. But you can report bugs in the original mod on my Discord if you'd like.

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BE2R v1.0.1a is now live!

Bug Fixes

  • Repositioned cities: Andorra la Vella, Monaco, Neum, Santiago de Compostela, Gaza, Bordeaux, Elbasan, Durham
  • Fixed crash for Android players when scrolling through scenarios on German Empire map
  • Fixed several misspelled city names
  • London actually shows up on the map now
  • Fixed the "September/August" bug
  • Fixed typos in all government types

Scenario Improvements

  • New scenarios: A New Century (1900), Austria-Hungary (1914), 2036: Bloodbath
  • Bahrain and Transnistria's capitals were moved to their proper provinces (Modern World)

Other Changes

  • 150+ new cities (mainly in the British Isles)
  • Added wasteland maps to the 4,434 prov. map
  • The wasteland maps for the 2,637 prov. map now have names
  • Civ names now appear in white
  • Restored all vanilla leaders and Wikipedia links
  • Replaced the flag of the Transylvanian Saxons
  • Renamed "Dictatorship of the Proletariat" to "Socialist State"
  • New app icon
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So I won't be able to put out any updates for about a week or two. I just wanted to make sure that you had something.

Feel free to report any bugs you find in my Discord (please use the self-roles) so that I can make a note on them for the next update.

Edited by Chairman Baad

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8 hours ago, Fridericus Rex said:

Presidente Baad

Hi, thanks you for this update. Also i was creating an update for BE II where i have added cities and historical scenarios, so if you accept we can collaborate



Meh. I have nothing against people making their own updates to the original mod. However I'll mostly be working on my own since I don't want my files to get mixed up with other people's additions.

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