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Age of History Games
Chairman Baad

Ba'athist Iraq (1968-1991) + Libyan Arab Republic (1972-1977)

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    • By Nicsos2
      Всем привет! Я решил сделать небольшой сабмод на аддон+. Потому что он так и не вышел на свет, но есть и другой мод который является правопреемником аддона:
       Мой мод в процессе, задавайте вопросы, я отвечу. Я готовлю пока один очень глобальный и не обычный сценарий его готовность 70%. А мод готов на 30%

      Hello everyone I decided to make a small submod on addon+. Because it was never released, but there is another mod that is the successor of the addon:
      My mod is in the process, ask questions, I will answer. I'm still preparing one very global and not the usual scenario, its readiness is 70%. And the mod is ready for 30%
    • By Chairman Baad
      This is my next AoH2 mod. It includes all of my previous scenarios and custom civs, along with some scenarios which were supposed to be released as bonus content for Project Imperator. Some features from P.I. were also carried over.
      5 new scenarios for the AoH2 map (with more currently in the planning phase) 7 new scenarios for the AoH1 map Compatibility with vanilla scenarios New ideologies New flag editor options Multiple fonts to choose from Enhanced localization Some new sounds Miscellaneous improvements and enhancements Download here: PC [1.0.1a] - PC [1.0.1b (Install after 1.0.1a)] - Android
      Current version: 1.0.1b / 24 November 2020
      A note for PC users: It's best to uninstall any previous versions of TCBC before installing the latest one.
      And now introducing Pop Culture Deluxe, a PC-only expansion that adds 7 new scenarios to your game.
      Download Pop Culture Deluxe
      Development Tracker + My Other Projects - My Discord
      Here. Some screenshots. Because you're epic.

    • By WorldStadiums
      Hello everyone, I put this publication more than anything so that you know that if you want me to make a personalized flag for a personalized civilization I will do it without any problem and obviously for free, it's just that, thanks for reading
    • By Chairman Baad
      Is this the end?
      The original BEII was allegedly taken over by a development team, meaning there will be new updates for BEII in the future. If this is the case, then Resurgence's development may cease as it is no longer needed.
      More info here:

      Because Europe's best* when it's Bloody.
      This mod was originally created by Sergei "Suzema" Firstov. I'm just continuing his work because this mod doesn't deserve to bite the dust.
      The original mod includes:
      - Two large maps of Europe (4,434 prov. version + 2,637 prov. version)
      - A large map of the German Empire (937 provinces)
      - A large selection of scenarios from ancient times to alternative future
      - New fonts and music
      - Over 2,000 new civilizations
      - New formable civs and unions
      My continuation includes:
      - Bug fixes and localization improvements
      - Some new scenarios
      - Wasteland maps
      - Restoration of all vanilla leaders and Wikipedia links
      - Maybe some other things
      This mod is now available! Copy everything from the PC download into a fresh copy of AoH2 or BEII.
      Current version: 1.0.1a
      Download now: PC - Android
      Soundtrack: PC (.zip) - Android (.obb)

      Original Mod - Development Tracker + My Other Projects - My Discord
      * As in "most exciting"
    • By Diego
      VENI VIDI VICI, a mod designed to bring the Imperator: Rome experience to Ages of History. 
      all of the imperator civilizations (some hundred, maybe a thousand) New leaders!! around 8-9,000 provinces Improved UI JOIN THE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/hymrDTj
      at the moment only Spanish and English translations are planned, if you want your language to be added, join the discord to apply
      Base Imperator EU4 map Omniluxia The Bronze Age Gladio et Sale+base map Greater Earth Project Earth? Mundus Poenicus (smol) GOVERNMENTS 
      Democratic Republic  Aristocratic Republic  Oligarchic Republic  Plutocratic Republic  Theocratic Republic Athenian Republic Autocratic Monarchy  Aristocratic Monarchy   Stratocratic Monarchy  Theocratic Monarchy  Plutocratic Monarchy Dictatorship Empire Imperial Cult Migratory Tribe  Settled Tribe  Federated Tribe PLANNED SCENARIOS (Imperator base map)
      Imperator (just the base map, no events) Imperator (base map - vassals) Imperator+ (base map + events) The Bronze Age Gladio Et Sale Light 559 BC 1204 280 BC rome 2 grand campaign rome 2 rise of the republic rome 2 wrath of sparta rome 2 empire divided attila CREDITS:
      Gladio Et Sale mod team
      Omniluxia mod team
      Bronze Age mod team
      A Broken World mod team
      Antzz (kokakolabrooo on the forum)
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