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War weariness that wont go away meaning never ending rebaels because rebles spawn and start wars so you are unable lower you weariness

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Basically as is said in the long title. I have a game where i have 100% war weariness and ones it goes down to like 99% rebals spawn  which then makes my wearness go right back up puting me at 100%. This means you will always have rebels spawn with no chance for any peace. Way to fix this easily would be to make it that rebels dont increase your war wariness.


Because currently iv went like 1000 years in game where like every other turn rebals show up right after i deal with the 3 others that showed up 2 turns ago.

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try to place lots of festivals in the provinces that have low happiness so they can become happy the happier they are the less they will rebel. Also you can just go to the menu in game and check out the unrest map to see what provinces are most likely going to rebel next so place troops around and on those provinces to you can take them out the moment they rebel. Also if you have provinces that have a majority population not native to your nation try and use the assimilate function to assimilate them into your culture and people since the more foreign pop is in a province the more likely they are to rebel. Also it is possible that a enemy nation is supporting rebellions in your nation since that is a option they can do to you to cause unrest and make you weak. (do note that the AI is not that smart so this might be false but is still a possibility) 


It is also wise to defeat the rebels as soon as possible since war weariness rises the longer you are at . 

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Well im great Britain iv colonized a quarter of The usa some of Africa some of South America and some of Australia also i took over france irland and Scotland and denmark. Iv assimilateed most places to atleast 60% i deal with rebels when they show up. But they show up so often my War weariness will never go down on top of this while i have reble problems other nations declare war on me. So i have to fight Neverending rebels and other nations. I have allies to help but they then dont let me ask for peace because they want to gain territory. So the wars drag on and more people declare war. Im basically always on 100% war weariness. I have troops all over on places that rebel. But where they rebel is always different id have to have military in every province i have with is not great as i have like over 200. Ill pit screen shots below. Of my territory and my stats include war weariness happyness and stabilty so you can understand my issues. Also my lands are Dark blue in color. I have 47 provinces at 99% unrest. How do i deal with that?

Screenshot_20201125-182316_Age of History II.jpg

Screenshot_20201125-182412_Age of History II.jpg

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I have tried to look that up but cant find anything on reducing unrest itself (only to raise province stability and happiness which play a role in Unrest) Best for you to just let them rebel and retake the province. ... Ok i did some testing and i looks like unrest can get rest if they rebel and bacome a nation but then you retake that same nation over again  and the unrest resets but you will have to re assimalte them again and try to avoid other provinces form getting a high unrest try to have low taxes and festivals in areas of low happiness and assmialte provinces with high non native population.


so just let them rebel and succed then immdealty attack them and take them over and re assimilate them and mostly the unrest will be gone. and also try to kept unrest from rising in other areas as well so the cycle wont repeat forever

Edit:also if a enemy has declared war on you and hasent attacked you yet make peace with them immedatly most of the time they will accept so you wont have to worry about gaining more war weariness since the longeer you are at war the more it grows

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