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[DevWord] former author of "CivEditor"

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Hi, i'm former author of very simple tool "CivEditor" (u can found somewhere in this forum) I create that tool for help anyone to add new civ faster as possible But if u can remember me, I left this game around 1 year ago

    Now, i'm back to the game again!

Currently i'm main on JavaScript Development (Web/Graphic/GIS) in somewhere I play this game in coffee time, But i never see this is change from 1 year ago I hope this game will be good historical game but from my skill & idea i can create better strategy game than this or game like EU4/HOI4 XaXa,

    Emm... I mean this game is look like "Not take any goals"

Finally, I really want to thanks this game for make me started on programming (I hate Java from school) and thanks to anyone who reply to my any project


My venice (except Athen):



***Note*** I can create new civ editor for u again if u want (with full service), And it's real i can create game better than this game or Paradox

Also. Thanks to "Medieval Scenarios" that make me have a great coffee time (if anyone have early modern/colonial era pack plz submit here... i want to role again)


ME: "Haven gōd daġ"



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Secret Message;😉

I will come back to forum again when my last year job is completed! I have one of my next year plan to reverse engineering and make open source sdk for this game, I want to help everyone to create mod as powerful as possible!

Goodbye, ~0~


Sea u next year; 1876


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