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Golden Cadet

World War 1 Balkans (No EVENT)

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I Basically Just Made A Test Scenario

All The Files Are Here 

Also Should I Make One With Detailed Events?

I Recommend You Make A Folder To Put All The Files Into


1610142349791hnjilogq 1610142349791hnjilogq_A 1610142349791hnjilogq_C 1610142349791hnjilogq_D 1610142349791hnjilogq_HRE 1610142349791hnjilogq_INFO.json 1610142349791hnjilogq_PD 1610142349791hnjilogq_W

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    • By OttomanAlan

    • By Ba6taTi
      Progressive Era is dated from 1896 unitl 1916. If you spot any mistake in the map feel free to comment. You can also suggest which country to make events for.
      Version 1.1.0
      Events for German Empire, Italy, Austro-Hungarian Empire.
      France: gived Saint-Pierre; relations with German Empire -20
      United Kingdom: gived Jersey
      Italy: gived Venice; removed from Central Powers
      Germany: guarantee Italy; can't form Weimar Republic; relations with France -20
      Austria-Hungary: guarantee Italy
      Russian Empire: guarantee Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro
      Ottoman Empire: guarantee Bosnia
      Planned for next update:
      Ahistorical outcomes for the events.

      LINK:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cJBFVjhSwOOC5Le2Y6rjkN3evL0HKreR/view?usp=sharing
    • By Lim10
      Mode Introduction:
      First, greetings to all of you, The story of our mod will take place between 1756-1760-1776-1789-1803 and after. If we need to explain briefly; It will be equipped with Events and other new mechanics that will include the 7 Years' War, the Beginning of the Industrial Revolution, America's Struggle for Independence, the outbreak of the French Revolution, and finally the Napoleonic Wars and subsequent historical issues.
      About Beta:
      I am developing the Beta of our mod with my Discord server, if you want to see the development of it, you can come here, but my server only uses Turkish. I apologize to you for this situation. If you think about coming after all, the link is here: Click Here!
      The War of Revolutions | v0.1: The Scenario Itself and its subtleties have been adjusted. (16.04.2022)
      The War of Revolutions | v0.2: Cores, Happiness, Money and Diplomacy adjusted. (17.04.2022)
      The War of Revolutions | v0.3: State leaders and New leader mechanics have been added. 
      The War of Revolutions | v0.4: Adding events and super events to our mod.
      The War of Revolutions | v0.5: Adding new forms of management to the game.
      The War of Revolutions | v0.6: The addition of many vassal countries to the game.
      The War of Revolutions | v0.7: Adding portraits to all civilizations.
      The War of Revolutions | v0.8: Changing the Interface and Icons.
      The War of Revolutions | v0.9: Error checking by completely overhauling the mode.
      The War of Revolutions | v1.0: Thoughts on the complete exit of the mode and the next update.
      Beta Download link: 
      Drive:  Coming Soon...
      Yandex: Coming Soon...
      Cover Photo:
    • By TheRealLoptak
      I made this 1919 scenario, just for fun. It's mostly accurate apart from some territories, mostly in Russia, but everything else should be fine.

      My discord server: https://discord.gg/jee9ZyEQ

      Thanks for downloading 🙂
      Download is all the way at the bottom. Just look for it.

      1919 AoH2.rar
    • By Megaxu
      Hola Comunidad!!:
      Les comparto este increible mod que he estado haciendo para el juego de Age of History 2, el objetivo de esta modificacion es explotar todo el potencial que este juego tiene, con nuevas funciones, formas de gobierno y otras cosas para hacerlo más interesante:
      ¿Que contiene este mod?
      Alpha 1.0:
      * Nuevo Soundtrack "Dystopia" de Kevin Macleoud
      * 28 Nuevos líderes para añadir al juego (comparto imagen)

      * Agregué los mapas de Papers Please y de la primera guerra undial (los mapas son de otros creadores que veran en el video)
      * 10 nuevos escudos, 8 de ellos en alta resolucion para mejorar el apartado del editor de bandera
      * 11 nuevos tipos de gobierno/ideologías con sus respectivas mejoras para crear mapas mucho mas realistas, estos tipos de gobierno son Socialismo, Monarquía parlamentaria, Monarquía absoluta, Dictadura militar, República Presidencial, República Semipresidencial, República Federal, República Parlamentaria, Nacionalismo, Teocracia y Anarquismo (cabe aclarar que las nuevas monarquías no se adaptan a las banderas monarquicas de los paises, se adaptan a la bandera usada por la ideología "democracia"
      No parece un gran avance, pero en el futuro se añadiran nuevos escudos, ideologías, induatrias, y si es posible nuevas unidades, todo para ser más entretenido y completo el juego.
                  *La modificacion solo esta disponible para Android*
      Les dejo un link al video donde se muestra más a detalle estas nuevas características, y se incluye el link de descarga al mod (y aclaro que si tienes instalado el juego original, el juego modificado lo reemplazará)
      Video de review y descarga del mod:
      Cualquier sugerencia para añadir, modificar o corregirlr al mod, comenten porfavor
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