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Helo thare! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida. Don't forget to follow and share your thoughts in the comments!

I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!

Support me on patreon please (click here)

Join my discord server if you want news: https://bit.ly/kingpvzdiscord
Download (PC only): https://bit.ly/ageofalavida



SCENARIOS: Test Scenario; 2021; 2013; Venostanian Civil War; Mauritovanian Civil War; 1518; Stanovia; First Alavidian War 1946; Poprattian Civil War; First Alavidian War 1647; Second Alavidian War 1979; Second Alavidian War 1981; Second Alavidian War 1985; Second Alavidian War 1987; 1969; 1919; 1933; WW1; WW2 1939; WW2 1945; 1990; Help Fakoslovakia regain it's terriories!; ok wtf



Some useless population stats (8/29/21)
Stanovian Federation: 180.8M
- General Stanovian State: 59.3M
- Slavic Stanovian State: 61.4M
- Venes: 1.2M
- Lapytovian Stanovia: 1.1M
- Fourthy Union: 27.3M
- Protipalia: 1.7M
- North Stanovia: 780k
- Nalian Zelav Stanovia: 697k
- East Spikc: 1.3M
- West Spikc: 9.4M
- North Keban: 3.2M
- South Keban: 4.7M
- Kespral-Towiiu: 2.3M
- Central Towiiu: 1.9M
- Tkebekh: 751K
- Eastern Zi: 594k
- Islandia: 3.2M

Martinovia: 322.6k
- Tromp Province: 101k
- Southern Province: 23.7k
- Guinea: 21.9k
- Province of Kadiaen: 176k

Venostan: 12.3M
- Tzie Kakükm': 6.7M
- Tzie Be'trkom: 1.2M
- Piskowsze Region: 2.9M
- Letran Bë'ge: 671k
- Nakaii Bë'ge: 906k

Other Countries
- Jurovia (without Avar): 24.5M
- Avar: 19.5M
- Zuzanovia: 81.4M
- Venistan: 3.7M
- Venestan: 983k
- Suchovia: 307k
- Slovakoria: 672k
- Slovakioria: 511k
- Johanca: 21M
- Ukrevol Kingdom: 1.1M
- Retwonia (with Stanovian Retwonia): 2.8M
- Zelavian Empire (without Colonies): 1.7M
- Zelavian Empire (only Colonies): 670k
- Scann': 2.7M
- Mauritovania: 9.3M
- Martinovian Kingdomen: 731k
- Venostan Kingdom: 1.3M




Edited by Kingpvz
the thing got released!!!

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On 1/13/2021 at 11:35 AM, Kingpvz said:

Helo! I started to make a map in AoH2 called alavida.

I'll be also adding a lot of scenarios, that's a thing! Don't forget to follow to never miss an update!Background: Background










PROVINCES: 100 | Plan for provinces: ~1000



i try to make background Untitled.thumb.png.dee6c581486905fac198c21d0b717161.png

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On 1/16/2021 at 8:16 PM, Deutsches Reich said:

i try to make background Untitled.thumb.png.dee6c581486905fac198c21d0b717161.png

Could you pls send it to me in higher resolution?

E-Mail: stano5340@gmail.com

P.S. Thank you so much!

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On 1/19/2021 at 9:10 PM, gustavobrazilian said:

Will it be on Android? And did you make this universe yourself?

1. If I find someone that can convert, then yes

2. Like I made only "continent" that is located in pacific ocean near hawaii (in that empty space in globe) and I have no idea why. I also made a book about this continent when I was 6 or 7 (nearly 8 years ago) but I then lit it up (because why not)

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16 hours ago, davidtjk said:

release date?

I don't know yet, I just started and I see it will take a lot of time. Pls follow for updates, maybe like in 3 - 6 months

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17 hours ago, davidtjk said:

Is will be good if you post your own world map with nations on it

example like this :


Everything is on paper now, I won't do that until I finish all provinces :3

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Hello Guys! My last reply is deleted so I can change it to this: I made everything in thursday so I decided to make this friday the Day of History - DoH (ok sorry) Simply I made 70 provinces, finished all seas and found some interesting editor features that I have no idea how do they work. lol | Take a look:


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On 1/18/2021 at 3:54 AM, Kingpvz said:

When I was a kid, Me and my brother had "own world/continent" So i'm trying to recreate it from how I remember it lol

BRO IM LIKE YOU but the diference is that i not created a continent but an entire world and made even a comic showing the history of the wars and races of this world. (but im still doing it). i hope this project go far because i know how is to make a aoc2 map of something you created

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15 hours ago, cyka blyat mapper said:

BRO IM LIKE YOU but the diference is that i not created a continent but an entire world and made even a comic showing the history of the wars and races of this world. (but im still doing it). i hope this project go far because i know how is to make a aoc2 map of something you created

umm yeah lol

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Day of History 4 guys! So yesterday I got tested positive for coronavirus and I still feel sad. But I made a stream and you guys cheered me up :3
So um... thank you for that, I made over 100 provinces this week (114 to be exact), finished venostan, started with johanca (after few provinces it'll be finished too) and made 2 (yes, 2) provinces in stanovia. lol

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    • By Aryan79
      Note: none of this mods belong to me, I take all of them from VK Chanel : 
      AOC | New Time | AOH
      (you can visit this Channel by this address :https://vk.com/club204935391) 
      Note 2 : all of these mods are only on android. 
      Note 3 : sieg edition and sieg redux + only support Russian language, but addon+ 1.4.1 supports both English and Russian languages.
      Note 4 : These mods only added codes of bloody europe 2 to already existed mods of addon+, sieg edition, sieg redux, these new mods do not have any new province.
      Note 5 : combined version of sieg redux is the called sieg redux + (it is also called addon 3.0 by Russian community) 
      Note 6 : sieg redux + is only in Russian language but thanks to domb (a member of Website) we have the English language version of sieg redux +, but there Wil be no city names. 
      Bloody europe 2 changed the codes of the game and make the game so much better, when 1.1.3 version of the mod released, a channel in VK decided to combine the codes of bloody europe 2 with some other mods, these mods include : addon+ 1.4.1, sieg edition, sieg redux (there were also some other mods which deleted by channel, these are the only survived).
      the new mechanics are : capitulation system, you can invest much more money on economy and development level (and some times you can invest all of your money on economy and development level) , when you playing on sandbox mod (or God mod) you get 99,999,999 money and 999.9 movement points, and other bloody europe 2 stuff. 

      I hope you enjoy the game.
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg edition taken from VK Chanel (Russian language): 
      Original sieg edition mod (non combine, without bloody europe 2 codes) :
      Original sieg redux mod (without codes) :
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg redux taken from VK CHANEL (Russian language) :
      Some changes for Sieg redux by Trian RA:
      -Russian languange only
      -english keyboard with original console commands
      -game days per turn changed to 7 days
      Combined version of bloody europe 2 with sieg redux+ English language (translated by domb) :
      Original Combined version of bloody europe 2 with addon+ 1.4.1 taken from VK Chanel :
      All the new combined mods by Trian RA (with English keyboard and cheat commands) :
      --------------BIG UPDATE----------------
      1. Addon+ | Addon+ 1.4.1 | ivr7
      2. AoI+ REPACK 1.1 | Age of Imperialism | Italian P&C
          AoI+ REPACK 1.1 DARK MAP | Age of Imperialism Dark Map | Italian P&C
      (note from Trian RA: I changed imperalism to AoI+ REPACK 1.1   
      AoI+ REPACK 1.1 is my repacked version (my android convertion version) of Age of Imperialism 1.1) 

      3. Conquerors+ | Conquerors | AoCModdingTR
      4. FoW R.E+ | Fate of World Remastered Edition | AocModdingTR
      5. Gathering Storm+ | The Gathering Storm 2.0 AoCModdingTR | BaronAoC
      6. Great War+ | The Great War | The Best
      7. HoA RE+ | Hearts of AoH Remastered Edition | Simon Wilford
      8. King of Dynasties+ | King of Dynasties | Krauser3ful
      9. Medieval+ | Medieval Age Scenarios | Ple2
      10. Sieg Redux+
      11. TNO+ | The New Order | Aren / Aryan
      Mega: https://mega.nz/folder/25wXHC4S#pWTSGrFaFD29oCKv3KP55Q
      1.51 GB folder on MEGA

      BotA+ (Bliss of the Ancient):
      -Add TSGW+ 1.1
      -(Android) 11:59 0.92b (original _ non - combined) 
      -(Combined) 11:59+ 0.92b

      -(Android) AoCC_1.0 (original _ non - combined) 
      AoCC+ (Age of Chinese Civilizations)

      -Addon+ 1.4.1 combined repacked with pc base data

      Equestria at War+ 1.2

      AoH Ultra+ 0.5

      remove rebels
      Age of Imperialism Dark Map | Italian P&C:
      rome invicta+ mod | GheovgosGJ:
      Asia+ by Giorgio | more languages and --- version by Domb:
      Original Kaiserreich mod taken from VK Chanel (non combine, without bloody europe 2 codes):
      Join our discord: (combined project: https://discord.gg/SZJXxxYuTn) 
      Game days per turn changed to 7 days to make it more playable
      cheat commands for combined mods by Trian RA:
      setarmy (value) / setarmy 111111
      army = +11111 Army
      money = +11111 money
      population = +11111 population
      economy = +11111 economy
      technology (value) / technology 690 = now you can cheat technology to 690 (6.9) not just 100 (1.0) but if you cheat technology to 690 diplomacy points will bug 

      You can install them without delete the original mods
      An important note from Trian RA : 
      note: since I am not asking permission before starting this project, i will deleted some mods if  original modders not pleased with this project.
      I have to thanks the Trian RA for his great work in making new combined versions of aoh2 mods and adding English keyboard and editing cheat commands , and Domb for adding several languages into sieg redux+. 

    • By Fireboy
      Hi I'm Fireboy and here is what Imperial civilizations will have THERE WILL BE MUCH MORE.
      15 ideologies
      20 scenarios 5 with events
      A super special modern world with events
      A few formable Nations
      Many new cites and nations
      New maps (maybe)
      New Music
      pls contact me if you have questions
       i will be happy for suggestions
      Also I need help
      Discord: https://discord.gg/KfzX8r4q4a
      This is my first mod and I hope u enjoy
      progress 5%
    • By Xjento
      This is hopefully the first good cold war scenario.
      11:59 is not so good mod.
      so yeah i wanted to fix this.
      date:1945 10 october 
      events currently:39
      Countries with events:Indonesia(1),France(6),Canada(1),Venezuela(2),Equedor(1),Yugoslavia(1),Uk(14)
      Brazil(1),Albania(1),Siam(1),USA(2)U.S.S.R(3),Costa Rica(1),Belgium(1),Netherlands (1)
      Cuba(1),communist china(1)
      Events until:4 january 1948
      now in progress:events pictures
      discord: https://discord.gg/DA2UW87nUs
    • By Giorgio
      AoHA+ is a modification dedicated to Improving vanilla Age of History Asia.
      The aim of this mod is to add new scenarios, civilizations and formable countries to improve Age of History Asia. I added too new types of government and changed the UI a bit to improve the game.
      THE MOD IS CURRENTLY A BETA, and for now only the Twentieth and Twenty oneth century are improved
      Other Content:
      300 New Civilizations (Version 0.1) 800 New Civilizations (Version 0.2);
      40 New Formable Civilizations (Version 0.1) 100 New Formable Civilizations (Version 0.2);
      14 Types of Goverment;
      New Wonders + Reworked Ui;
      Improved Flags and Civilizations Names (Version 0.2);
      New Content In 0.2:
      Download Link (Version 0.2): 
      PC = https://drive.google.com/file/d/13zaxwLmfdq3R1pomZz4pgNyN4o45MqLt/view?usp=sharing
      Download Link (Version 0.1): 
      PC = https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OKe6mp5jrcHCIWqUXyyJaCALTeNs1svV/view?usp=sharing
    • By MrDuck
      Basically I'm trying to come up with a tool that converts HOI4 saves to a scenario in AOH2, I've been looking at scenario files and save files for the AOH2 for reference and they're not plain text files unlike the other game and they're unreadable. I think the developer doesn't want third party tools to read and edit these files, is that the case?
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