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On 1/13/2021 at 12:35 PM, Kingpvz said:

Some useless population stats (8/29/21)
Stanovian Federation: 180.8M
- General Stanovian State: 59.3M
- Slavic Stanovian State: 61.4M
- Venes: 1.2M
- Lapytovian Stanovia: 1.1M
- Fourthy Union: 27.3M
- Protipalia: 1.7M
- North Stanovia: 780k
- Nalian Zelav Stanovia: 697k
- East Spikc: 1.3M
- West Spikc: 9.4M
- North Keban: 3.2M
- South Keban: 4.7M
- Kespral-Towiiu: 2.3M
- Central Towiiu: 1.9M
- Tkebekh: 751K
- Eastern Zi: 594k
- Islandia: 3.2M

Martinovia: 322.6k
- Tromp Province: 101k
- Southern Province: 23.7k
- Guinea: 21.9k
- Province of Kadiaen: 176k

Venostan: 12.3M
- Tzie Kakükm': 6.7M
- Tzie Be'trkom: 1.2M
- Piskowsze Region: 2.9M
- Letran Bë'ge: 671k
- Nakaii Bë'ge: 906k

Other Countries
- Jurovia (without Avar): 24.5M
- Avar: 19.5M
- Zuzanovia: 81.4M
- Venistan: 3.7M
- Venestan: 983k
- Suchovia: 307k
- Slovakoria: 672k
- Slovakioria: 511k
- Johanca: 21M
- Ukrevol Kingdom: 1.1M
- Retwonia (with Stanovian Retwonia): 2.8M
- Zelavian Empire (without Colonies): 1.7M
- Zelavian Empire (only Colonies): 670k
- Scann': 2.7M
- Mauritovania: 9.3M
- Martinovian Kingdomen: 731k
- Venostan Kingdom: 1.3M

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DoH 22

3 month since last update, but this time it's something big... I will say the release date!
But first, what's new?

  • 9 New Scenarios
  • 22 New Nations
  • Updated few Scenarios
  • A lot of Leaders

Besides that, I would like to announce that next day of history will be the last one while the game is not released! So yep, release date: next friday

Thanks for being with me and goodbye for now!

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On 1/13/2021 at 12:35 PM, Kingpvz said:

New in 1.1:
- 2 New Scenarios (Venostanian Civil War II - Phase 1; Venostanic Civil War II - Phase 2)
- Updated 2021 Scenario (to 2022)
- 3 New Nations

Patch notes

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