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On 1/20/2021 at 12:24 AM, Pirsicola Tortellini said:

Forgive  me if I'm wrong but to my knowledge there is no way to report the obnoxious spam scams you find clogging up the forum, I think we should have one in place to eliminate these since they're more than just annoying.

dude there are a much bigger failure in the security, but is not that, is an failure that you can see the passwords of the users who are connected on your current wifi network using an "sniffing" app. I know I shouldn't  be saying that here, but I reported it on staff, the admin sees but don't replied or changed anything, I still can see those passwords on the wifi.

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      Spam bots are an ongoing problem on Invision communities, and this forum is no exception. Right now there is a bot that hasn't stopped to post SPAM every single minute for hours. This affects of course the new posts feed, it makes actual posts invisible, if you check the "unread posts" tab you cannot find one single legit post because it is all filled with these bot spam posts. We need the moderation to take down this bot, but most importantly, since this is not the first instance of bot spamming, assure these kind of stuff happen less. Please, this is killing the forum experience.

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