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Age of Civilizations

Lukasz plan to make AoC2 successful

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    • By TimDee58
      I'd like to see games where players start as a small local family, by conquest & diplomacy they could raise their family to Counts, Dukes, Kings, Emperor etc etc.... 
      I'd like to see events where families / counties / duchies / kingdoms merge, split etc
      I'd like to see the creation of both real life kingdoms AND 'potential Kingdoms', all having the potential for HRE type elections etc etc...
      Where civil wars occur, rebellions too, where leaders can die heirless and b*stard (inferior relatives) bloodlines can inherit the throne....
      Where vassalisation is important and NOT something to be sneered at
      Where schisms can occur
      In fact, I'd like this to become a modern version of 'Empires of the Middle Ages' board game (by SSI?)....
      The game does NOT need more troop types, after all it's 'Grand Strategy' where numbers matter, not quality....
      Thanks Lukasz for your hard work
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