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    • By Ahinev
      Hello there! A few days ago i decided to make a map for this game that is bigger than vanilla but also looks like vanilla. So here i am with my plans right now. I'm open to suggestions!
      - Map will be focused on WW2 and Modern World
      - Currently drew 2373 provinces (Each red mark is a province)

    • By Giorgio
      This mod contains: 
      A huge map of africa with 2818 provinces, 308 cities, 18 scenarios, 26 Formable Civilizations
      Some of the scenarios are:
      Modern Day
      States of The Union of South Africa
      French Colonial Provinces
      Russian invasion of Sagallo
      Victorian Era
      The first boer War
      The Italo-Ethiopian War 
      The Libyan Civil War 
      And Others..
      Also there is a second map where the Sahara is a giant plain (with the same amount of provinces of the first map) 
      [feature removed]
      here's some screenshot: 

      Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IWHW8TPX7JmAYxkttjKsecBUdLvK7izg/view?usp=sharing
      Old Version Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RrMV7SVCpVLdBM0VgIe3DHPqApKdY7y9/view?usp=sharing
    • By Germany and Polandball Aoh
      IMAGES:Only Nort Germany For Now!
      but a complete germany background
      MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm5E6DkEzjQlH8Az8UjoN1A
    • By The Best
      This is the Modern Day mod.. I don't think that I really need to explain much here.

      Brand new system on Spheres of Influences!
      Detailed Afghan and Syrian Civil Wars!
      Full Coronavirus events!
      Well balanced economy and military sizes and realistic battles. No more of major country completely annexing a smaller country in a war!
      New and different Government types that realistically represent the state of the particular country!
      For eg. Russia's massive standing army but lack of a large economy. Which means that the current army is good but in the future, it cannot easily expand it's military!
      And another example- Japan with a large economy on paper but old age and deflation problems!
      And last but not the least! Events... Loads and Loads of events. 
      (Note: AI will always take historical paths in main version, another version of the mod with non-historical paths will be created)
      Important Info:
      In game start date- 1st Jan 2018
      Release date of mod- TBA
      Join Discord for Progress Report! https://discord.gg/g7QBCuPBfu
      Screenshots attached below!
      Some events!

      Sphere of Influence System!

    • By Iwo2014
      Nowe miasta w Polsce:
      Nowe miasta w polsce.zip
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