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Age of Civilizations

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    • By Windows XP Mapping
      This is a upcoming map to be made
      I have a project map ready

    • By CCCP
      Nothing special just a scenario about WWI in AocI map. 
      Link Drive Google:

    • By Beter Griffin
      Oh no! Most of the world has died! The only place left is Africa thanks to them blessing the rains.
      But, now other countries are colonizing Africa again in order to continue existing.
      Will you colonize or defend Africa?
      Also, Peter wins the lottery a lot.
      1559982130600hebbllcd.zip Leaders.zip
    • By YalRo
      Hello, Gust!
      I have a Problem about adding Khmer language. I have add khmer language to file --- already but i dont know where i can setting my language. Please Help me!

    • By CCCP
      Hello! It's my first scenario for Age of Civilizations 2. It's scenario about WWII but on Aoc1 map. If you gonna like I it will make this with events.

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